BYOND Hosting / Shell Server

by Xirre
A shell server (hosting service) for all of BYOND to use!


January 29 - v1.1

  • control_freak is now enabled on macros and skins.
  • /reboot now works if you are not an admin/moderator and only a user in HostKey.txt.
  • Zip files will now get rid of excess folders for you such as folders within a folder.
  • Recalibrated the client-side MMS distribution capacitor. Now works 280% more efficiently.
  • The expiration system got a rework. It is now fully functional and tested.
  • Right-clicking in the file manager no longer has issues when scrolling. It will now center around your mouse always.
  • Renaming a folder would push up one directory. This is no longer a problem.
  • Moving folders and items is now fixed. Previously there were some issues with retrieving multiple folders. This was a tough fix, but it is functioning now.

We'll also be working on getting the web-client version of it working 100%. The only issue is some anchoring in the web-client. That shouldn't be too tough to fix up! That change will be a part of v1.1 still. However, v1.1 will be released and all 3 servers will be changed to it. The new standard ports will be 1337 7000-8000. For obvious reasons. It's not what you think either. But, it's still obvious if you've been stalking Shell Server in the dark.

The new ports will only need to take place on servers that support the web-client. Any web-client server running under a restricted port from chrome won't work. We came across the problem recently when we found out Shell Server was running on port 6000, a blocked one. To fix that issue, everything will have a new range of ports.

So, Server 1 and 2, be prepared for the day that webclient is a part of the stable version. Everyone will have to change up ports. I'll contact you a few days in advanced personally to let you know the time. If you aren't able to bring back your server yourself or get someone to do it for you (via the share hosting feature), I will gladly pull it up then.

Additionally, a fourth server will be added tomorrow afternoon under the latest stable version of BYOND for some difference tests between BYOND versions.