Pokemon Race Against Time

by Aceraptor
Pokemon Race Against Time
Guess who's back :D
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Hey guys. I'd like to hear some features you guys want to see in this game. I'd like to make the game more exciting than it is right now. Leave any feedback you want. New features, new ideas, things that need to be fixed. I want to hear it all. Thanks guys.
New features:
- Mega Evolution
- Gen 6 Pokemons
- An in-game Pokemon League
- New/Re-mapping to make the game look/feel newer
- New/Exclusive icons that can be obtained in-game

Things to fix
- Getting money by killing pokemons (last time I played, this was not fixed, I dunno if it is now)
- Even out the OP'd ness. i.e. at the moment a handful of pokes are overly OP compared to the most of the pokemon in the game so everyone uses the same teams >.> make it so that pretty much all pokes can be spawned the same strengths so that people can go back to using their favourite pokemons, and not just OPd ones and make teams similar.
- Make the starters the same stats as pokes you'd catch, so that people can actually play with the starters and the starters can actually be useful in the game. It just brings the question why you would have the option of getting a starter, if its so weak you'd rather take the mball - like why have the starter options then? What's the point?
- Rare monsters. No one likes spending an hour spawning a 40 str cranidos or something. Make rare monsters actually worthwhile to spend time over. I'm not saying make rare monsters GODLY OP so everyone would then use them and teams would also be similar, but make them as OP as the pokes you'd spawn normally; maybe there's a better chance to spawn OP'd rares than OP'd normals since rares take longer to spawn.
- Contests, we all like a bit of role-playing now and then, especially new players that join the game mainly through the anime. It's fun and offers something different for other types of players that may not all that be interested in gym battles. I concede myself, I enjoyed the contests that were hosted on the old PRAT, and I'm a DUDE.
- NPC trades. Make NPCs trade better/rarer/shiny pokes or even megastones (when that's added). And make the pokes worth it - no one would like to train a wooper to lvl 30 for a terrible stats axew (waste of time, why bother). This way people have other alternatives of pokes they can have in their teams and the NPCs would actually be useful. Atm the NPCs are ignored and not used cos no one wants a ponyta for a lvl 30 wooper or something, seeing that ponyta is not an amazing pokemon, neither is it rare or strong or even shiny.
- Fix the missions/make new missions for an alternative way to earn money. FIX THE EGG MISSIONS. We all like nice surprises so having a mission where you get an egg that could hatch into an Off-map poke is awesome and very much welcomed.
If there are more ideas that you would like to hear, let me know.
I'll go through everything in detail later but the gen 6 and mega evolutions is not really something I can add at the moment those will have to be when I redo the type advantage system.
sure. I mean the gen 6 stuff and mega-evos are not the biggest priority/major factor for the game atm
I mean Ace have you thought about adding legends in game without the tourneys?Because heres how you can do it.Put them in a super secret spot and anyone that finds it gets to have those legends and then refills after an hour or a day for them to find again.P.S also masterballs next to it and that also refills.
But 1 more thing put them low levels