Simple DAB Demo 1

by AERProductions
Simple DAB Demo 1
Simple Design and Build Demo 1
*Demo has been updated and a plethora of bugs have been squashed! Dynamic lighting has been added, Enjoy.

The second in the simple series of public Demo's of basic functionality in Pondera. Serves as an example of Alpha state game-play concerning the Design and Build mode.

*Note - Recommended to delete existing save-files left-over from previous demos.

Demo Highlights:
Grab the shovel and start digging! Complete the ditch to slow down perimeter breaches. Finish the roadway after you've slowed down the enemy! Don't forget to keep your energy up with water!

Ctrl+MouseWheel +/- is Zoom
Ctrl+E is Quick Equip/Unequip
Ctrl+G is Quick-Get
ARROW or WASD keys to walk, click to sprint, use, or attack.
V is Sprint mode
C is Strafe mode
X is Hold Position

DAB Explanation: Design and Build (Digging and Building) in Pondera are simple. Digging features less material requirement than Building which is why it always comes first (Plus, you have to setup your foundation). This demo will show you how to create a perimeter that can slow down or deter others from entering your area (Or, concerning PVP mode, funnel them right into your attack). First, pick up the shovel on the ground and equip it in your inventory. Make your way to the unfinished portion and click Dig, a menu opens. Access the ditch selection and choose the North slope until you have finished the top portion of the ditch. Place a Ditch Center ("Ditch") in the middle and proceed to the Roadway below. Using the same methods, select Dirt Road in the menu and place a 3-way in the middle of the unfinished roads aligned with the road to the south. Now you may fill in the unfinished portion with East/West and North/South roadways.

This simple DAB demo is intended to expose the user to the very basics of setting up your own area in Pondera.
DAB Demo 2 will have you building Fort Walls to keep the enemies out and learning about house foundation construction.

Known demo issues:
If you light your torch and quit the demo, then reload your save, the torch will still be lit but there is no light.
The possibility to run out of energy or get stuck in the ditch with an enemy is there which may cause you to restart the demo if you do not succeed in all of the objectives.

Fixed Demo Issues:
Connection might fail on first run (Just run it again and it should work)
Sprint speed is a bit too fast
Energy bar will appear full when loading from a saved character? (Needs confirmed)
Movement Macros will temporarily be unavailable after loading a saved character (but should work eventually after global refresh)
Splash screen will hang around if you load too quickly into the game? (Needs Confirmed)

Other Demos:
This demo has been updated.