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Jan 25, 1:05 pm
have fun wasting ur time on making stupid games for a community that dont care about your 3 y.o. games, and even if u got better at the end of the day u will still get nothing nd have no future in this.
when God ask u what u did with ur live tell em you wasted it on being paranoid and locking urself up making video games instead of saving ur fam or souls
only satan is an acuser I worship Yahusha hamasiach not byond DEMON.
getting mad at someone for not wanting to help u make games that no one cares about and look like 3 y.o version of minecraft .
I hope you find God of the bible not of Dream Demon and learn how to treat people. especially ones that try to save you and are nice to you.
BUt whatever im gonna pray for you Hope u finally get over ur bitterness and obsession and depression with live cause we all go trough hard stuff but its about how we come back on top .
and even if I play some games time to time dont mean thats all I do in live, I have a life outside games and even tho they are demonic one day I will leave em all behind and focus 100% on God.
your game be looking to sad for u to be coitizing game I play or calling me a Mary worshippers.
God bless you brother
I hope u truly find Jesus get true real believing friends and wife and learn how to treat people. Cause ur too old and too good to be wasting all ur life and time on stupid crappy 3 y.o games and even if they looked Nintendo Ds Games , Ur still to good
and God Has way bigger plans if you let him and put him first and not the Demon maker
Jan 10, 12:05 pm
Added bloodspill for dead enemies/creatures.

Added cancel options in the menus.

Fixed all the spells in the game. Also improved and expanded the spell icons and display during combat.
Added spell buttons to interface (again).

Fixed the combat, you can defend yourself again. Creatures drop food, materials and potions. Some times rare loot!

Setup afterlife and spell to revive those from it (including yourself). Affinity (killing players or helping players, basically) determines where you go in the afterlife.

Fixed the sound in the game thanks to Higoten. More SFX soon!
Fixed an additional bug on my own that caused the sound to skip when you walked, it no longer does this. Super cool.

Fixed world status thanks to Kozuma3, also helped to add a meteor shower that adds spellbooks (known as Ancient Tomes or Scrolls in game) to the map for players who don't start with spells to be able to learn new ones.

Added all ranks to the statpanel and colored all text.

Added containers to build menu, they store logs, food, or ore. (Prob need tested and refined)

Adjusted the colors of mining ore rocks to better differentiate.

PVP needs testing. While fixing combat and spells I took account for player PVP. Just needs tested.

Turned weather on, probably needs layers adjusted.

Cleaned the map up, too many spawned enemies and spawn points saved. Heavily reduced.

Adjusted first spawn to put you anywhere on the map, to avoid griefing.

Added "Destroy Property" and "Sod Grass" verbs to remove built objects or turfs.

Set all the resistances and weaknesses to one variable subset class (so all equipment and spells can recognize it across all functions). This added some I had hidden away, like Poison element.

Set plant (bush/berry) growth to grow with seasons, same as the Ueik tree.

Created new interface icons for the build/smith/smelt/sow/plant buttons. Spell buttons and the rest of the interface buttons have all been given graphics, a nice touch.

This update was huge. The most complex spell is still being worked on (cascade lightning) but will soon be fixed. Enjoy shredding stuff with ice storm to defend your fort!

Much more on the way!
Jan 8, 7:31 am
Fixed Mining and Ueik Pickaxe, added Stone Rocks needed to map.
Cleaned up time/day&night code, added sun&moon phase clock to interface. Added an additional sun and moon phase line to overview statpanel.
Fixed a compass duplication bug.
Corrected buildexp tag on digexp objects.
Fixed another bug in the lighting code.
Fixed the land generator so I can make fresh maps of different biomes any time. Inevitably the game may be randomly generated and offer endless generated lands to explore.

Still need a faster map save if anyone is interested in helping me get Swapmaps running. Currently it takes a long time to save a 700x700 map tile by tile.

Will be adding more furnishings to build among other improvements, until next time! Stay hydrated.
Jan 6, 6:38 pm
Another big update today!
Turned PVP on. Needs testing.
Added monsters. Turned Spells on, they need testing and fixing.
Turned Tree Growth on based on season. (You can only utilize trees during certain season, if they are too young you can't chop them, if they are too old they aren't good wood, cut sprouts in spring, etc)
Added afterlife and spells to revive from afterlife, needs testing.
Added biomes on the map and more resources required by the game. No longer just tar pits!
Added stump removal to trees after chopping down, which now stay chopped down. You can take sprouts to reforest chopped down areas.
There is now an xmas tree that appears on the 25th day of Winter that gives a gift!

Fixed more bugs and more on the way! Thanks to all who show interest, even so, I am fixing this game up so that I can play it myself! ;)
Jan 4, 11:52 am
Polished interface, Rewrote Building and Landscaping, both function as intended and will now be filled with content! Fixed many other errors, game is very stable now, rewriting what needs it and adding content.

LIVE test is up now! Enjoy.

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