Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
This post is a little bit late this weekend And We're going to move these dev logs to Tuesdays since Sundays were a little bit difficult to keep with my work schedule. This week's Post is also significantly shorter than last week's.

For the majority of week we've been tinkering away at the game's backend, improving performance and fixing bugs. Our biggest boost to performance was the addition of Update loop.

Meanwhile in the art department thanks to some feedback we've gotten we've decided to change direction in terms of Interior layouts. Before All interiors were drawn in a skewed perspective. While we really liked how this looked it proved to be alittle too much to deal with when it came to drawing furniture- especially when furniture were placed near the walls. Perspective errors were easy to notice and so we've decided to go with a more traditional appearance for interiors. Here is how basic layouts look at the moment.

For those wondering about the workflow of creating these we're drawing them by hand and each 'zone' would be loaded as an instance. From there we'd place furniture and such.

Last week I showed a gif that featured alittle bit of building. This week I'm showing alittle bit on how we intend to take care of inventory management and how we're going about it.

The amount of items your character can carry is finite. Not only in Weight but you're given only a limited amount of space to work with. Most of it is inspired by resident evil games where you have to manage how you place items in your inventory to acheive the optimum amount of space. What we've done is taken that concept and pretty much mimicked it in a sense. Limited space mean that you'll be required to store your items[In crates, houses or whatever containers there are available in the game.] This will be essential as we're aiming to build the game around the concept of semi perma death with some areas being an exception. What this means is that whatever your character is carrying at the point where they are killed is lost. Here's a .Gif of how Inventory management works at the moment.

Still pretty bare bones but it's core functions are there.

Here are some of the GUI icons for some of the items!

Cool system but it feels like the weapon icons are HUGE. Should be able to flip them around like Tetris
Beautifully designed inventory system. Great work guys.
In response to GreatPirateEra
You will be able to flip them around. This is still a fairly early iteration. The weapons are larger to enforce the concept that you'd only be able to take so much equipment with you.
Will you be able to buy another pouch to carry more, like have a bag 2?
Please make the green selection icon cover the entire item's surface area.. just a pet peeve
Youll be able to buy larger packs in the future yes. Yeah it's also a pet peeve of mine that the entire icon doesn't get highlighted when you select them. This is on our to fix list.
It's nice to see a game actually making progress on Byond. Looking good guys!
Looks good. You should make all of the slots in the inventory be highlighted (a different color from the cursor one) to show the space that the item takes up while you're dragging it.

This would help a lot with the irregular shapes of various items, like the chakra blade and the Flying Thunder God kunai.
In response to D4RK3 54B3R
Alright, I'll give that a try.
err I might not have said that correctly. I meant highlight the spaces that the item takes up as you're dragging it. Sorry if that was confusing.
In response to D4RK3 54B3R
Something tells me you didn't read the comments
I understood entirely. It still feels a little bit cumbersome without any visual representation of what squares are being used by an item.
I think the system will be better if we can fit more items together, but at the same time. Having more bags is unecessary, that'll stop people from trying to be busted Of course i'm sure there will be a fuuinjutsu class that can seal weapons into scrolls etc etc.
Precisely that. Fuuinjutsu will play a part in doing just that.
i like the fact that weapons are big, that way people who are going to spam the very hard hitting weapons will be limited on the amount of weaponry they can throw, unless they are of course, some kind of weaponist class.
It would allso be nice to have classes and jutsus for surveillance or scouting. For example. aburame, get a jutsu that you can send a bug out to scout the area and you control it with your movement controls. of course uchihas and hyuugas will be able to see the chakra around the bug swarm, though small, but other people will only see the bug Hah.