Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
It's that time of the week again as we begin pushing towards Land of Fire's release! We have recently began working on the first stages of the game from the Login screen to the end of the tutorial. The story has been fleshed out and we're ready to start implementing that in.

In order to make sure Land of Fire's story is told, we had to make sure the scenes were set, and had proper dialogue systems to in company. If you become immersed, we are doing our job!

Sadly I have to hold back on sharing the details. Pixelcomet wants the story to be fresh from the start.

Just to clarify, while we do have plans on giving each player a unique experience in the world of LoF, the player will be playing the role of the main character throughout the story (to a certain degree).

But anyway, now the scenes are set up, which by the way will be polished up even further to see how much more they can be spiced up. Onto dialogue, Pixelcomet have worked on turning concept into portraits, and they look absolutely fantastic in game!

Here's a video showing it all come together. The dialogue shown here isn't from the story line at all and is actually referenced from another game! +100 internet points to whoever can point it out!

The music used here is temporary and not from LoF, I've been working with a composer and working on setting up tracks for all the scenes! He's already done an incredible job for the character creation track.

I have also been working on redoing a lot of the interface and moving them from skins to planes, but it's moving along.

We'll have a lot of really great stuff to display next week especially with how smoothly things are moving along! Make sure to also check these out.

(this may or may not be a creature you fight in the tutorial stages)

That video was sick, the dialogue interface was pretty refreshing too. You guys have a great great artist on your hands, I envy you!
Thanks once again! We actually got this whole thing running pretty quickly. Next week we're hoping to flesh out a couple more scenes but I'm really happy with how this iteration of the tutorial turned out.

Any thoughts when will the players be able to test?
There are random open tests from time to time. At the moment we don't have a clear deadlines at this point.
Bruh that shit was lit o-o. The guy with the red mask looks like the devil ape from tokyo ghoul :3
YES, YOU NOTICED , IM GLAD SOMEONE NOTICED, i was a big fan of their design so i decided to base these enemy anbus around them
Awesome as usual!
LMAO of course I would notice im a big fan of tokyo ghoul and their character design. I would like to see one of tatara and ayato. :3 Keep up the good work.
Can't wait for the release.

Byond's Gangsta
rod what happened to conflict
LOL, hello everyone i feel like i must apologize for the IMMENSE lag we're getting on the game, right now we have a
weak server that can barely handle all of you guys joining at once, i think you guys actually crashed the game
BUT you guys crashing our server just gives us such a boost in confidence, its amazing.

Just letting you know we will have lag, and a lot of it till we can get enough money for a powerful server. thank you all for joining, and i hope everyone gets a chance to play the game while we test some stuff!
Was about play and connection failed :( was still loading up.
yea, we had around or over 25 people joinng at once
Will Boss fighing be implemted? With this sort of game style and fighting systems, I'm guessing a boss fight like ( Jiraya Vs Konan/Pain) Will be so god damn epic!!! :D
Yes. Our current combat system would pretty much allow for us to have battles that are alot more dynamic and fun.

We are hoping to create some really awesome bosses too.
I've recently been playing some of the open test, and i must say, this is the best game on Byond thus far in my opinion. Please, PLEASE, keep up the great work guys.
THANK YOU and will do : > , look out for a test today or tomorrow, we got something fun for you guys to do.. or test... :3
I apologize a head of time if you're trying to log on but the game wont let you, we will be investing in a better server eventually, don't know when, but probably when we have a beta for you guys. :D
Sounds great! :) I was wondering if u could have the serve up an running, so people can download the sources, so when everyone joins the (test) there won't be constant lag xD
They would have to download resources regardless each time we update. We'll be putting up the servers again tonight.