Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
As many of you know, this game has been discontinued for many months (possibily year(s)). I can no longer work on it as I'm too busy with university & a new project, thus I may let someone else update this game.

I doubt I'll find a person who's capable to achieve this task, as this game's source has been leaked many times and there's only one RIP alive now. Furthermore, I never saw anything too innovative being implemented to those rips, just new characters using the existing codes, and some other variations.

I won't give the source to someone who doesn't have any previous experience, in fact, I may want to give it to someone who's already had a successful game. You need to put effort to develop this game, and it isn't as easy as developing other BYOND Games (you must spend days to learn how & when you have to use certain variables, how some procs work, the rounds system, etc etc). The game's source could be simplified, that's a fact, but as I said, I don't have time for that. I got better at programming as I worked on this game (I learnt a lot in 3 years), but due to various reasons I couldn't continuously update the whole source to optimize it (I did that a couple of times, but still).

I don't really mind if your "successful game" is a RIP. In fact, the first game I worked on was a NNG Rip (Naruto: The Next Eternity, there's a vid on YouTube). So, if you have cool ideas (& you're able to implement them), please, let me know on this topic (or via a msg on BYOND).

I would also like to ask the community (if there's any left xD), so that they can decide whether the game's continued by someone else or not. I could've released the host files, but to be honest nobody really used them in the past, so I considered that pointless.

There are no "special conditions". I don't expect to be Admin on the game if it's continued by someone, and I wouldn't mind to be honest (I rarely play BYOND Games now). But I would appreciate if you kept the name of the game, credits, etc... I believe a mature person should be able to recognize someone else's work, right? Dunno, BYOND's Community has surprised me a lot these years, so someone may lie to me, rename the game, move it to a different HUB with 0 fans, and add awful characters while selling the content I coded in the past for $$$.

That's it. If there's any nostalgic player who wants to sacrifice time to revive this game and bring it's potential back, don't hesitate to post here. I may not remember your name (as I quit N:EM a lot of times), and I may not know that you've played the game for maany hours/days/weeks, but if you prove to be a good developer, and you prove to love this game enough to spend your precious time on it as you add new content, I may recognize you as the new (and only) owner.
I'm down to help who ever takes ownership to make sure stuff goes smooth and help with updates. I can't take up such a task on coding. Although who ever does become owner, you got my support.
Good Luck xd
I never knew that you made Naruto Next Eternity xD. I honestly am not up for the task cause I'm not even close to your level. By successful you mean having a good community, fan base, content, effort and determination? Well I'm not a good developer but I loved the game a lot. I wouldn't say new and only owner. It should be like successor of Eternal_Memories or something like that. I can't really sacrifice anything cause school and stuff but good luck.
Honestly its sad to see that you can no longer work on this. Seeing as when you did NEM was one of my most favorite games on byond for as long as i can remember. I don't think anyone would do as good a job as you did at running this xD even i failed in some ways at this when i was the temp owner. I would like to continue this again if i could get the chance but i would also follow whoever does become the next owner of NEM and help them along the way how ever i can. Over my years on this platform i never developed much talent for programming and such but i've made connections as well as matured as a person. I know alot of quality Programmers who i could pay to keep this running at the same standard that you have had the past years.

I know we haven't gotten along very much in the past but things have change now.
Damn, I'm available to help. My main acct is StealthCon if you want to message me. But I really do love this game and want to see it get back up again if possible.
NEM was one of the few byond games I group up playing since I was 12. Now I am 17 lol
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You are homosexual.
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Facts me and tevin started about the same time... if only i could do it now but im studying for my bachelor's in computing science.. maybe if i was as good as em but studies..
lol I start my course next year
Oh yeah
ive been playing for 4 years pick me pick me :)
I wouldn't mind seeing the game come back, I enjoyed it while it lasted before silly drama caused all sorts of problems for it. People get too self righteous these days about what is and what isn't a rip.

If the game turns out to be fun it turns out to be fun. Hopefully nobody decides to start up any kind of flame wars if NEM or some version thereof comes back. As it goes, I have a pretty good amount of experience in balancing suggestions/as staff on these byond games so if someone picks it up and wants my help I don't mind giving it.

Good luck~!
well, im not good in none of that complicated stuff e_e ( coding, iconing etc....) but, im down to support the next owner of the game, and help as much as i can... im tired of shitty buggy sidescrollers soooo yeah... ( but im sure EM already knew i was down to help, i was the one that kept annoying him on his key to put NEM back on lmao )
So, can I become the owner? I am skilled in programming, plus I have a team who would work on any project with me. I'm willing to see how far I can go with this game in terms of content & concept development. Please PM me, Eternal Memories. I'm very interested in continuing the game.
Despite all the drama that happened on this game, and the creatures known as Doom2u & OxUchihaxO, it was still fun. Got some funny memories from it.
Most memorable; "You All Doubted Me" - Yolo_Kingry. Inspirational.

Best of luck to whoever decides to revive the game.

well im down for yuri being owner... i for one knows he has plenty of experience on making/owning games, i was his hoster back then when i could host 24/7 xD hes a good option i guess...
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