The Last Conflict

by Darker Emerald
The Last Conflict
Guns, explosives, classes and killing zombies!
Hey I always thought about making a guide for this game but didn't exactly know where to post it..Guess ill start it here. This is a guide for all those new players who are just starting out and don't know all the commands and such. So I've decided to make a hopefully growing guide for you all :) (This may not be perfect If i missed anything let me know!)

Ill start with the commands on how to play
____________________________________________________________ ___________
ARROW KEYS to move, F to fire (also left clicking the mouse), E/J to Jump, G/B to pick up items (G pulls up a list of the items in the stack, B picks up ammo that is in the order of your guns in your inventory first),Shift+A to use certain class/perk skills, D to open doors/Unlocking Baracades,Shift+D to lock baracades, S to use Knife, Shift+S sniper mode, SPACE BAR to chat, A/W to switch between your sub weapons, T to throw your sub weapon (you can also click on the sub weapon to throw it wherenever you click again) R to reload your weapons (This also happens automatically when you run out on a clip) Hold V to run (Can also change this in options to toggle with a single button press) 1-12 to equip/de-equip weapons or Shift+1-12 to drop stuff (also Middle mouse clicking will drop items) RC car controls- Shift+A to deploy, S to pick up items, Shift+S to drop items attached to RC car.

Now on to the Interface/GUI: Refer to this picture and follow the colored arrow's
____________________________________________________________ ____________

RED Arrow-This is your life bar always watch this!! it goes from Green-Yellow-Red-DEAD. You CAN also be hurt but still in green or yellow and hurt a little more close to red life (You die fast here so usually heal even when you at yellow life color)

YELLOW Arrow-This is your status bar, Notice the 3 bar's BLUE/RED/GREEN, BLUE is your infection meter if this depletes you will Instantly die and turn into a zombie which will turn on other players! (Antidotes cure this). RED is your bleeding meter if this depletes you will die instantly (Bandaids/Green Herbs/F-Sprays can fix this). GREEN is your stamina meter, Running takes this and if you run out of stamina you move at a crawl and if you get to 30% or lower you might not be able to break out of a zombie grapple!

ORANGE Arrow-This is where your money $$ is shown, Your kills in the round you are currently playing, and B.P stands for Boss points, if you save up 100 you can turn into a boss in a round (Good way to make enemies)

PURPLE arrow-This Green box is your map, I usually make this smaller and keep it at the top right-ish of my screen. Blue squares on the map are other people, the yellow square is YOU!

BLUE arrow-This is your Perks/Class/Skills Menu, you only get so many points for these so choose how you want to play. (If you put 3 less perk points on Run/Infection/or Bleeding in any order you can put two on the bottom left perks I.E special weapons etc.

BLACK arrow-This is your Class/Perks special skill box

GREEN arrow-These are you sub weapons, use them wisely!

WHITE arrow-This is your weapon/ammo/supplies
Continuing on

Lobby/Gun Room Generals Tips
Green Herbs heal a bit, F-Aid sprays heal fully, Antidote cures infection, Blue Herb is to cure poison, You can combine Herbs Red+green to heal fully and adding a blue cures poison also. Poison makes your infection rise faster and you take 2x the damage, Note you will NOT die from it naturally!

First ill start with the Lobby area. If you notice the white computers on the tables, If you press D in front of one to use it ,you can see the stats of your character.

Top left of the lobby is the Storage/Repair Area, Here you can store your weapons/supplies, you can also upgrade it at the upgrade NPC in the gun area for more spaces. (cost 15k)
you can repair broken melee weapons here at a cheaper cost then a tool box item.

The Gun room is left of the lobby, NOTICE the NPC here? Press D in front of him! He is used to upgrade your Inventory/Gun MAX AMMO amount/Storage space and even Rename your weapon or make a clan! here it has many weapons but some are not that great but most you can do good with enough ammo AND if you stay alive. I dont know every gun that's good but ill try to list a few and hopefully this list can grow.

Always try to take explosives if you have the money. I think some maps don't have them or much of them. They help rack up kills! Use Trip wires in smaller areas as the explosive area is only on one end! Use grenades/mines on crowds of zombies (they can be thrown!) to help get more kills or as defense against Stronger Zombies. I Always buy and use Molotov's unless on rainy day weather on maps, as rain puts out fire faster but if rain wont end you might as well just use it. Chinese star/Kunai one shot zombies so if your bored enough and have $$ take them.

Assault Rifles- Arc 47, MK-16 (really fast reload time), BaER 404, LU-K-Paw

HEAVY assault Rifles- These all seem the same and are OK for kills, they have a lot of ammo in a clip (100 if upgraded) but they kill kinda slow, so be careful when shooting in player crowds as others might steal your kills with one shotting weapons.

9MM pistols- All of these are not that great except I've heard a rumor of FV07 being decent if dual wielded. No one really uses the ammo so if you take one as a back-up MAYBE use these.

.40 Pistol Ammo GUNS- Dual Shotgun edges are decent fun guns to use.

SNIPERS- With Sniper Mode Shift+S you can pierce and hit multible zombies and I think with the crit perk/skill it can do more! But From what I heard snipers are ATM not that great, if you really focus on using them you might be able to pull off some decent kills in safety. (maybe for Chaos mode to get ANY kills in safety before you die :D)

Melee-Chainsaw is great with riot/medic perks/class. ALSO Scythe/Guan Do can hit multible zombies at once. Also what I have noticed 2x4 hits really fast! so try to get one. These also break, With the right build these
can kill a lot.

Anaconda-Crit perk skills can get good zombie crowd/line shots, you can kill up to 4 at a time if used right. You must use Left click to fire to use this properly.

Nightvision- This is a great must have for some people, if you cant see use this to light up the blackness on maps/ does take a slot though. I used it a lot at first but now I just turn up the brightness on my monitor to see and save the extra inventory slot.

Flashlight is useless. Canteen is for Free roam mode server because there you'll need water. ALWAYS use a scope/silencer on guns if they allow it!! (Not all of them can) Silencer makes you have less aggro for zombies, and Scope adds a % to the chance to hit zombies!

Throwers-Freezethrower is great for bosses for its freezing ability, Spark shot is also good for bosses, It slows zombies down, Flame/Acid both seem to just do a little more damage. These seem best when used at single open doorway for the most kills, It can also be used for great support on crowds in the open.

Minethrower-I think you can take two of these with special weapons perk! Even one of them is a great backup weapon considering if you get the right zombie crowd hits you can get some devastating kills. Ammo is hard to find and you can only carry 16.

Rocket Launchers-The Best for bosses. I feel like all of them have there situation, or just take them all!

Sub Machine Guns-MP5's,UCI's are the best so far as I've heard. I also know a trick you can use.. First use the Dual wielding perk, then try to have the two guns firing at separate times (one is reloading while the other is firing) so one gun is at 50 ammo and the other at 4 or lower you will basically non stop fire. This doesn't kill the fastest so be careful around 1 shotter weapons.

Shotguns- Dual Sawn off's (with reload perk), and Stryker most others shotguns can do OK i guess.

Grenade launcher- this is OK for bossing and the explosive rounds can rack up some good kills if you get good zombie crowd explosion hits. This can be combined with Mine thrower with the special weapons perk for some good kills.


I wanted to mention here more tips and what I do on the specialist classes

Dont forget that you can use the Refrigerators in some maps (by pressing D in facing one) for food/alchohol, Food can heal your life and certain drinks that give a lightning bolt next to your character will give you Infinite stamina (good for meleeing/escaping) for a certain time ALSO if you press E with wood in your inventory to wood up windows if your standing in front and facing them. Place up to 5 pieces of wood, great for defense!

Now onto some general Class tips

Your RUN/INFECTION/BLEEDING perks, I feel like these are a toss up between rather getting 3run/3infection/0bleeding or 2/2/2. When I say bleeding 0 this is because there are a lot more items that heal bleeding then infection on most maps.

DUAL WIELD-Obviously you can use 2 guns, I think this is really good!! but not every gun can be dual wielded.

SPECIALIST-You can use two special weapons, this is good for if you want to use a thrower type weapon together with another. I think with certain builds this can be useful

NO TOUCHIE- Great for if you ever end up playing alone as lickers can't grapple you. Now I'm not saying this isn't good with people but most of the time they should save you with there knife from grapple attacks (hopefully!). I've seen with certain melee builds or with riot shield this can be useful. (Also might be less useful if your using a PET as a VIROLOGIST as the pet saves you from grapple attacks if its next to you)

OUTBREAK SUIT-This can be good if you hate getting poisoned or if used with certain melee/riot sheild builds.

ROCKET SPECIALIST- This seems mainly for bosses/boss frenzy, you can carry with you more rocket based weapons, I guess if you did this on normal Survival maps and you kill the chimera or a player zombie boss you could be a great support class (and a hero!)

BOMB VEST- THIS blows you up on DEATH! The only situation I could see using this is if you were trying to save your fellow knew you were going to die from infection or bleeding with no helping it and you blow on a crowd of zombies or using it against chimera or other bosses. :|

CRIT HIT- This perk can have a chance on hit to do a lot more damage to anything it hits, If used with snipers you can do pierce damage and kill more then one zombie in a line, If you use it with the ANACONDA weapon you can kill more then one zombie with click shooting if there standing in a line, could get some great kills if used right! any weapons that one shot is used less by this.

MELEE DURABILITY- Great for riot shield/melee builds or anyone trying to get there melee stats records up more!

EXTRA POCKETS- Most people love this perk skill, and I defintally think as a new starting player you should be using it because more inventory space helps sooo much at start, and since you start with next to NO inventory space it helps alot, you can choose to ditch it later if you want.

QUICK HANDS (RELOAD SPEED)- I think this is great for certain guns like dual sawn offs and other quick reload guns because it makes the reload time almost non existant, It can also help make the guns with horrible reload times more do-able, the choice is up to you to use it or not. (I personally use it a lot) :)

9 LIVES- 50% chance to survive at death! To my knowledge, not that many people use this. It can be fun if it actually works..but if not its practically a waste of a perk point, maybe in modes like scenario (if it works right) it could help or if you just wanna screw around XD

MEDIC-This is great for $$! You can be a self medic to make sure you don't die until the very end! But also you can be a support medic to help others AND get some healing on your stats record. All you have to do is Double click the healing items next to or on top of players to heal them! Try to use them sparingly sometimes as some maps dont have many, I would say if you have the money buy them it always helps in the long run in rounds, but at first or even always just get them in maps, You can carry more healing items as you get stronger.

ENGINEER-Gets good money$$ if you repair Barricades/Crates/Fences/Doors (Dragging the hammer in the sub weapons on the broken barricades) as much as possible every round. The turret (By selecting it in the sub weapons and pressing T to deploy it and then G to get it) you can get some pretty good kills if you don't let it die, and give it ammo when needed. I think if you stand on the turret it will take hits for you until it dies for SOME protection (must be placed first then you stand on it). Repairing barricades is best done at one way blocked doors and small rooms or next to your teammates to maximize your lifespan, some maps are easier then others for this because you can move barricades in certain maps. but no matter what, make sure you use all your repair hammers!

DEMOLITION EXPERT-You are a master of explosions! So I've heard this class makes your explosions bigger. (I.e Grenades/mines) You start with certain explosives so don't bother buying them. You start with c4 which you can use to lay mines with T then switch to the detonator item to explode them. I would say if you want to maximize kills lay them one at a time and wait for good crowd hits, you can also lay them all at once spread out (they all explode one after another if more are out) and wait for late rounds to blow up crowds. The c4 can also be used to help kill bosses as it does a good chunk of life to them. Obviously try to get and USE explosives.

FIREBAT- This ATM is the rumored worst class in the game. First and foremost if its raining in a given map/round then this class is instantly weaker as RAIN makes fire weaker and go out quicker!! If its not raining then I would say you still have a decent chance to get some good kills, as you have some EXTRA explosions that catch zombies on fire and kill them quickly. I might say take a flamethrower as a backup weapon to whatever else your using for that 10% fire bonus damage (some maps have ammo for flamethrower to) This class is actually a decent Boss killer too if you use your fire explosives on them (chimera) (Also if your inside a building, then I think rain doesn't matter)

CRYOGENIST- I think this is a really fun class that can rack up a lot of kills and if used right it can also be used for support explosive setups and ice blocking defensive pathways. You start with extra ICE explosives, so if you get your zombie crowd hits right you can get a lot of kills, and the last class skill ICE BARRICADE helps alot! Once you have this all of your ice exposives add a block of ice after which can block doorways and be stepped on and it acts like a barricade or you could even make a Ice barricade pathway if your stuck in zombies outside. These explosives can also freeze lower weaker bosses for easy kills (WARNING! These ice barricades can be melted by flamethrower! or thankfully re-frozen by ICEthrower) Use/Step on the ice blocks to setup explosives in good spots!

CHEMIT-This class is kinda like FIREBAT but doesnt suck in raining situations, you start with more explosives which are ACID element, you can rack up some good kills since you have some extra explosions and acid does decent damage on bosses if you decide to help kill one. Tabun canisters are great support, they slowdown the zombies and you can use these in doorways or just dust the field with them, as it helps a lot in the longrun for prolonging the zombie hoard
I thought now I would go over the different fun game modes that take place in TLC!

Firstly you can VOTE on which game mode and map you wish to play by clicking on the vote tab at the top right of your screen, you only have 40 seconds to vote so you must be quick!
Learning these maps is very important as In my opinion some are better then others.

SURVIVAL MODE- This is your standard mode in which you start on the voted map and you must kill your way through a certain high amount of zombies which will progressivly get stronger more powerful zombies until you win or DIE.

PROTECT THE TEAMMATE- Similar to Survival mode but In this Mode a (random?) Player(s) is selected that you basically must protect (the protectee will have a ICON above his/her head) if the protectee's all die you will instantly lose the round. The protectee's will be listed after the players enter the map on the right side.

TEAM BATTLE- In this mode you will randomly be put on a team ranging from 4 different colors marked on top of there head, the first team to kill the allotted amount of zombies win!

BOSS FRENZY- This mode is nothing but Bosses, Usually a good idea to bring your rocket launchers or boss based weapons, the bosses get harder and it IS possible to win with teamwork. you get more money the more bosses you kill and this is usually low.

CLAN BATTLE- In this Mode you and your fellow clanmates battle it out with each other for a certain amount of kills to win the round. (I think if your not in a clan it will auto place you into one at random for that round/map)

CHAOS- This mode is the insane mode where Every strand of zombie spawns right from the start! This mode can be very tough, but it has been beaten before! Take extreme care in this mode!

WTF MODE- This is done by MOD's as a joke to kill players, watch out for this mode as ALL the zombies will move really fast or nothing but bosses will spawn. This is flat out a death sentence..unless your into that sorta thing stay away!

SCENARIO- This mode has different tasks that you must perform in the map/round in order to win, some are running from bosses others are surviving for amounts of time, there's even Rock PVP!
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