Darker Emerald

Joined: Nov 30 2006

Darker Emerald's Games
The Last Conflict
Guns, explosives, classes and killing zombies!
Resident Evil Outbreak
Zombies in your Face
Shutup from your mouth and kill them zombies.
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Darker Emerald's Demos
Clicky & Drag Shooting
Clicky & Drag Shooting demo..
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Gun Demo
A gun demo for you byonders who want to add weapons to your games. Now has auto-aim feature...
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Name Texter
A simple code to add text under your characters icon.
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Html Menu
Html menus done with ease...
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Darker Emerald's Libraries
Mini-Map Library
This library will generate z-level mini maps and display them in a seperate window.
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Static Filter Library
Give your game a bit of a cinematic look by adding a filter of static over the screen!
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