Nimble Cats

by Magicbeast20
Nimble Cats
You are a simple Cat on a task to collect as many coins as possible! Avoid rats, cats, and other attacks from various creatures!
Hello all!

I decided to take some time to revisit Nimble Cats and tidy it up a little bit. Movement is now a lot more smooth as well as a new camera effect.

I've also completely re-did the internal HUD system, while not much changes on the visual end; everything looks a lot more polished and professional now.

I believe the next step will be adding some more monsters as well as creating new levels.

Hey there, my boy. Keep up the grind. I played it through and it was solid.

However, your physics needs a lot of work. For example, colliding with the side of the block (not just the bottom) immediately causes you to lose any upward velocity -- which can make platforming a bit annoying.

Also your gravity physics itself is broken in that it immediately sends your ass going south. Look at how Mario or Sonic handles the jumping, there's a slight lag before their descent in a fall.
Hmm.. Interesting; the immediate fall when hitting a wall is actually an intended effect. Beforehand; the character would “slide up” the wall; so I decided on the instant fall.

I’ll go back and play test some more with a lag delay for the descent. I appreciate you!
In response to Magicbeast20
I think the sliding would be fine. I would revisit traditional 2D platformers. When you jump up along a wall, it doesn't stop your momentum.

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