Naruto Forbidden Tales

by Garruea
A PvP/PvE/RP Naruto game - Play it as you wish, we are working on updates!

Naruto Forbidden Tales

Development Team
Programming: Narutouzumaki188
Icon Artist: N/A
GFX Artist: N/A
World Designer: N/A

Updates 7/27/2016
I just wanted to let you know as far as our update goes, a lot of graphical stuff is happening. I am pretty positive you all will like what is coming.

1. Less Lag- I am taking out codes that do not matter and just add clutter to the game.

2. I am creating 1 single map! We have too many instances within NFT 99 of them to be honest, Why not allow 1 giant map, in order to run from village to village. This will help with raids, and pvp.

3. New buildings, the old ones were just.... blegh.

4.I have decided to take out the minor villages at the moment until we get a full pledged player base that can handle more villages. There will only be 5 villages to choose from. Leaf, Sand, Mist, Rock, and Cloud.

5. Hello again, Just wanted to inform everyone we are still alive and will be posting a discord here soon. We will also be overhauling this game so we can play in an mmorpg setting. We will be creating our own storyline within the Naruto Universe, you will be able to play as tanks, healers, ranged and brawler dps. We will be implementing flashpoints and operations later on in game too.

6. We are looking for Iconners, and Map Artists so we can get this game back on byond!
I don't know who the hell gave you permission to delete all the previous comments, those were NHS History. Sometimes I would read them and feel nostalgic but now I can't due to JJ's need to feel like he's in control. Fuck you JJ I'm raging on you!
Wow I cannot believe you would delete them either what in the hell are you thinking.
Are we in need of a server host?
Anyone knows if the game īll be online again?
Can you get the damn game up again?
I remember playing this game years ago and it was brilliant. I'd seriously be interested in playing again, if you need help with server costs or something let me know
Say I if your here.. O_O

Why did y'all delete comments tho

Tryna see who'd play if I attempt to bring this game back
Man.....what a great time this game was. Would seriously love to hop back into it one day. Someone make it happen!!
I host it evry now nd den