Monkey Frenzy

by MdNight
Monkey Frenzy
Try to dodge the upcomming blocks and help Mk survive
Is a single player game in which you must control a monkey and help him dodge upcoming blocks, Go through many levels, obtain power ups, unlock achievements, and much more!

-Expanded Map
-New Skin
-Smoother Movement

-Start on Achivements
-Replace Graphics
-Make Login Screen
You probably don't get much attention for this game, do you?
If you could keep a list of online hishscores, I would probably spend the rest of today playing it! You need to get them up!
Sadly that's the one thing I've never been able to do in BYOND. So I'll ironically ask that if you do know how to do it, could you drop me a line? Thanks... ^.^'
And nice one!
A hidden little gem eh? Seems quite good so far, unfortunately my computer isn't the best to play on, so I lagged quite a bit. Although I think I did pretty good.