by ACWraith
Explore, combat and collect before time runs out.
Updating other libraries along the way, I spent about a month working on a failed game-in-a-week and a puzzle generating library just to realize I should create a certain container class library first. After building a giant backlog of social network posts and YouTube videos, I decided to update something that works with what I have instead.

For those who don't know, MeanderGall is an action game in which players both cooperate and compete to collect personal goals along random paths with enemies wearing them down. There is a timer that works like a tug of war. The player doing the best can fend off the loss condition by continuing to reach goals. The game is won when this champion completes enough goal collections.

Players are thralls who wield their hearts as mauls in the hopes becoming The Squall in order to defeat The Pall. And it's all for their meandering gall.

The little jerk took a potshot and hid while I took a screenshot.

The most noticeable changes can probably felt with the controls.
  • Players now slide along walls when there's viable space.
  • Properly charged mauls can now be steered by holding a maul button and a direction without having to keep track of where the player is facing.
  • Bawling for allies with the keyboard now uses a wider cone so it's easier to target nearby thralls.
  • Bawling in general now provides audio/visual feedback.

Meanwhile, the Pall have been rebalanced:
  • They fire into walls less often. ;)
  • Their damage no longer scales with the number of players.
  • Their number of projectiles no longer scales with the number of players.

Other minor changes include:
  • The inner peace room now features a giant symbol instead of extra walls so it's easy to recognize.
  • The forum link now points to the hub forum rather than the broken blog forum. (I suppose I'll have to do the same in other projects.)
  • I added a link to my Google+ page in the credits.
  • I added an extra link to Typodermic Fonts since that's the site Ray Larabie tends to focus on. There's a lot of free fonts for both personal and commercial use to entice you into buying something later.

This latest version should also boot up faster thanks to switching to my BSP Maze and Directional Grid libraries. Prim BSP and Prim Grid should be considered obsolete. (I hid them from the search a while ago.) The new libraries are more suited to being extended and I've been providing updates.
I feel like your games would be a lot more popular if you got yourself a dedicated host.
In response to Syne Mage
Circular as it is, the games have yet to make enough money to be worth me spending time or money to host them. I'd rather make more games and increase the value of my Fooldom Come multipass. However, if enough people subscribe to a particular project then I don't mind dedicating more effort to it. =)