Megaman: Battle over the Network

by Gojan
Megaman: Battle over the Network
You can Search over the network, Kill Viruses,Compete in missions and much more, Check inside.

Welcome to Megaman: Battle over the network,

Customize your Net Navi.
Make friends, allies, rivals and enemies alike, and embarke on a new adventure filled with plot twists, suprises and awesome battles!

Jack In, MegaMan, Execute!

Owner: Gojan
Co-owner: Blaike Firestorm
Programmer: Blaike Firestorm
Mapper: Blaike Firestorm
Pixel Artist:
Iconner :


01. Use English on world say
02. No spamming
03. No harassment (this includes hunting down newbies and low level people)
04. No racism
05. No over usage of caps
06. Keep swearing to a minimum
07. No advertising (saying "I'm not advertising" beforehand does not save you)
08. No asking for Events (This includes Tournament)
09. Keep it rated PG-13 in all public forms of chat (no links!)
10. No camping in front of safezones
11. No blocking paths.

Failure to follow these rules can result in but is not limited to: Being jailed, being muted, being booted, being banned, having your save deleted.

Respect the Admins (they are there to help you).
Amazing game, extremely addictive!
Mazda220 wrote:
Amazing game, extremely addictive!

No kidding.
DarkShinigamiX wrote:
Mazda220 wrote:
Amazing game, extremely addictive!

No kidding.

then it should be on addicting games to
this game is great one of the best there is =)
i have got to agree with skul the game is awesome but we need more players
I've marked this game as a fan game at least until someone calls it out as a rip-off. I don't like the mentality myself but it seems that fan games attract that sort of thing.

My advice is like with every fan game to make something original. You don't have to stray from the way Megaman works but even if you remove the intellectual property (making this game a parody of Megaman or a homage to Megaman) it can be promoted to Listed.

You should also NOT have rules such as "don't advertise" since this will make your rule look like a dictatorship. If people start spamming links to their games you can get them on a "don't spam" rule anyway but if someone (like me) comes along and posts links to other hubs to query if this game is anything like those it can be quite frustrating for that person to get banned!

Keep in mind that rules don't have to be set in stone. It's up to the moderators' judgement to make the call if someone should stay or go, but this judgement will be impaired by including poor rules like those.

Your friendly hub moderator,
Its almost like the real deal...I just wish we can make our own icons on there
When this game has players its amazing
couldnt connect
probably updates today but maybe not yay
Crap, the server was up and I took too long to get on. I won't miss it next time. :(
again probably updates today
this game is awesome
hi genza bj how ya doing
im sorry about our match genza but my game crashed
when is this game back on
gojan this games been down for almost 3 days when is it coming back up
gojan just what are you updating now
17 days this games been down how much more please tell me i really want to play this game soon
I agree with Math
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