Builders Fantasy

by Sharp
Builders Fantasy
Submerge yourself into a life you create. Interact with a world, you help to shape.
So, I'm hosting this old game once again. So if you want to, join. But if I see it empty for prolonged periods of time, I'm going to turn off the server. Submit ideas to me for in-game events to make things more interesting and I'll get it going.
you silly old fart :P
It's back..? Sexy. Got src's? An update would be wonderful.
No source. I've built a bank and a gym to make things more interesting. Bank to save your money, earn interest, write checks and of course go into debt... Buy more stuff. The gym has pbag3's, pbag4's, pbag5's, and pbag6's, for use. But each pbag has a payment.
well no offense anyone (not the owner, not you not anyone. Only to the game) but the game is kinda shitty. I used the word "shitty" because this game is not just pure crap, even shit that comes out of my ass is better than this game. The intro is confusing and waste tons of time. Going through meaningless questions after questions, I think its kinda unnecessary. And the design of the town is kind of random as well. What piss me off the most is the low-graded icons. They have one of the worse icons I have ever seen. You are better off hosting another rpg/icon/do-what-ever-you-want game
wanna see it
bring it back up i wana play it
Pat, this game is dead.

And the game is shitty. That length I have to spend on saying I won't break rules makes me want to be a rebel.

This game hasn't changed since I left, which was around 2007.
In response to Loto305
shut up
Island version of the game was best.

Long live island version.