Stargate: Atlantis Online

by Sethzen
Stargate: Atlantis Online
Based on the 'Stargate Atlantis' show, you become a member of a race, and then a faction if you like and fight for your right to live and thrive with new technologies.
Co-Owner -- Sethzen
Co-Owner -- Kadwallar


The interface involves a new Inventory system as well as an equipment system that displays what you have equipped in a different part of the interface so that you can have easy access to anything equipped and also makes things easier such as displaying ammo amounts and power left in alien devices.
You can also change the color of the interface to absolutely ANY color you like!! From Jet Black to Candy Pink, whatever you want it to be.
The unique layout allows you to see everything you need without having to flip through tabs, which can be good if your in a battle and need to keep and eye on your health as well as switch between guns etc.
The interface was 100% created by Sethzen.

If you're like me and find other Stargate games boring (I mean who wants to sit and click on rocks while the admins abuse you and think they're almighty) then I have created a fair play game where you can play with others or on your own and still have as much fun. This is NOT a rip of 'SGO' like many other of the Stargate games are, it is infact a built from the ground new game that I believe to be more fun than others by far...


Join One of many Races (Tau'ri, Wraith, Genni, +More) And fight for Planetary control! All Uniforms have different ways for you to customise (Thanks to Jittai)

Throughout the universe there are worlds...worlds to be conquered! With the new Planetary Control System your race can take over any world you need, each world will have different resources and technology, only accessable to the race that has control.

EVERY race has the ability to ascend, (No silly admins needed to do anything) All you have to do is meet simple requirements and travel across the universe in search of what you need.

This Stargate game is very different from the rest, and thats no lie. In this i have done new things, such as Mini Games!, Ship control, Awesome Icons and soo much more.

Big ships - i.e The Daedalus, stay in space and partake in awesome space battles. In doing this it elimates the unfair advantage of taking the daedalus or wraith hive etc onto a planet and kill everyone, thus bringing fairplay to the game. Big ships require players to work together on the different controls as a team. If the ship is destroyed the debrie floats around in space for collection.

Small Ships - i.e Puddle Jumpers, Wraith darts etc, Have the ability to enter a planets orbit and destroy bases. Darts have both weapons and the ability to beam players into the hive cells (if a hive is in orbit of the planet). Puddle Jumpers have onlyweapons, but they are stronger than dart weapons. Small ship weapons cause explosive effects when fired on planets and they can also enter space, and dock in bigger ships.

Planetary Control
Planets can be taken over by any race, there are Homeworlds for each race and Neutral uncharted planets around the universe. The race must send a tactical team with a computer virus that over-runs the system of neutral planets and thus allows that Race to respawn there after dying.

The automated Promotional System work on "Glory Points" Glory Points you gain from killing an enemy, researching new technology doing missions/quests or even gaining basic skills and gain even more from taking a planet. Glory points entitle you to new ranks (No need to wait for someone to promote you). HOWEVER, If you kill an allie you lose glory points and have the chance of a demotion. Dont worry though :P youd have to be really bad to lose more glory points than you gain. If you get too many negative glory points you will be automatically rogued.

Single Player
For people that arent too interested in interacting with other players there is an arrange of missions, quests and minigames to play. I try to make them as interesting as possible when i code them, but bear with me im not the most patient when making them XD. If your wondering, the difference between quests and missions is that quests take a lot of time to complete and a lot of effort - they may also require special skills. Whereas missions are just to the point and are for good experience.

Missions to date: ([MG]=minigame; [Q]=quest; [M]=mission)

[M]Tumor Time To Run.
[Q]Replicator Recovery.
[MG]McKay Clone Takeover.
[M]Wraith Attack Plan.
[MG]Wraith Runners.
[Q]Time To Ascend. [under construction]
[M]Dodgey Traders. [under construction]


Shades and shadows making the game look much better.
A new login that will make you drool! (no joke:P)
Bug fixes 2.0

People that made it all happen

Lead Coder.
Temp. Mapper. (Bad one XD)

Lead Mapper.
Knowlage Base.

Iconed some stuff.
Helps with Code occasionally.

Zeldy_wind (lvl 3)
ViXWet (lvl 2)

All Icons and maps are created by Our Team, and have not been ripped from Anywhere.
when do you think it will be ready
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can you host it please
if you need a 24/7 host i can bo that for you