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Use a pick-ax and bombs to dig tunnels and build scaffolding to traverse the caves. Be careful, you'll never know what ...
by Nickr5 | Feb 26 2010
Tags: scifi, strategy
Build. Fight. Dominate.
by Cardman79 | Aug 17 2010
by BLH | Jul 10 2010
Tags: anime
A roleplaying game based off of the popular Anime/Manga series by Kubo Tite.
by Enigma11 | Jun 10 2010
Tags: anime
Since I've never been able to save this, I'm officially making the source public check hub for details.
by Bovine_Buddy | Mar 28 2006
A roleplaying game with a fantasy medieval setting. Version 3.75 - 2/22/2014
by Luke5050 | Nov 25 2011
Tags: building, icons
This game was created for anyone who likes good communities, and games that are like MineCraft which allows you to build ...
by DrKellar | Dec 20 2009
Comming Summer Never
by Dews | Jan 20 2012
Come play in the ULTIMATE Universe.
by Squeegy | May 20 2008
Support your God. Build an empire. Conquer.
by ACWraith | Dec 23 2008
Crash bots. Collect their gears.
First you must conquer the world, then have the masses worship at your feet. Do you have what it takes to become a God?
by Lavitiz | Sep 3 2010
Tags: fangame
A new Harry Potter fan-game with a brand new unique style of gameplay created for fun gameplay and social interactions.
Come and join us in the Harry Potter game started in 2005, and still going strong.
Come and take control of the galaxy's destiny !
by Leftley | Oct 31 2002
Tags: action, scifi
by Acebloke | Sep 27 2010
Grow your insect from an Embryo to an Imago, developing as you go
A game based on the Stargate franchise.
by Leo119 | May 6 2008
by Devourer Of Souls | May 29 2013
Tags: building, rpg
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting. All legends have their truths...
by Foomer | Mar 11 2008
Tags: scifi, strategy
A game about taking over the solar system before your enemies do!
by Exadv1 | Feb 16 2003
Tags: action, rpg, scifi
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
by Dews | May 28 2011
Come live in The Star Trek Universe
Wars Against the Sith and Jedi Rage on
by Cardman79 | Aug 16 2010
Beta Stage [Old Name Stargate Pegasus Unleashed]
by Sethzen | Jun 27 2009
Based on the 'Stargate Atlantis' show, you become a member of a race, and then a faction if you like and fight for your ...
Stargate Civilization - By Myrddin Productions
by Gungraves | Apr 14 2010
A Stargate Game For All Players.
by Darker Legends | Mar 1 2012
Tags: fangame
Loosely based on Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Universe.
by B4ssQontr0ler | Mar 12 2012
The Dark Era of Pegasus
by Cal'frac | Oct 3 2008
Coming Back Online SOON!
by Frustration | Jun 1 2008
for all of you sick of SGA and not wanted on SGO
by Tom1996 | Apr 21 2010
May The Alliance Last Long and Plentiful.
by BioComm | Mar 1 2009
Play in the Universe as it is in Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.
by Asha_LaPoe | Oct 5 2010
Tags: rpg
A Space RPG
by Polatrite | Apr 9 2009
Tags: survival
Stranded on a tropical island with your wits and a fierce desire not to be eaten alive, can you survive? The sequel to ...
by Systemlordlouli | Nov 16 2008
Tags: fangame
A stargate game that allows you to discover the hidden secrets of the Pegasus galaxy.
Just another zombie game. Pew pew pew!
by Acebloke | Sep 20 2005
[AMT] Join the war or build a city
Witches exist.