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Building/Creation/Survival w/ PVE/PVP/Story modes. [More]

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Version 212.184
Date added: Jun 10 2013
Last updated: Sep 1 2018
Last played: Aug 23 2018
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Play the rough draft Sandbox mode while Live! Story mode will also be available and a new hub has been created to access it, here ( Pondera Story Mode Hub )! May you please report any bugs or issues you may have.

You can find recently updated Demo editions of Pondera at the following links: PVE, DAB 1, DAB 2, Story

This is a game of the ages that will be released and steadily maintained/improved/built upon. It is in a Stable Alpha State, but requires content, bug fixes/function fixes and further additions over time.

Exist to survive in a world of creation and destruction. Claim your own in the vast wilderness that occupies the world of Pondera. Gathering resources not only to survive, but to thrive -- build what you desire, even your own kingdom.

: Kamuna, Hilel, Surge.

Library Credits
: Dantom, Deadron, Drumersl, Forum_Account, Garthor, Gughunter, IainPeregrine, Kaiochao, Koil, LummoxJR, Misticone, Neon, Shadowdarke, Truzzie and special thanks to Xerse & Ripper man5 for the Basic Framework this game was built from.

Pondera by AER Productions ~ '09-'18


AERProductions: (Jul 30 2015, 8:56 pm)
Pondera.aerproductions.com:~ "}{"News"}{
}{"Thursday, July 30th 2015"}{"11:43AM CDT"}{"Public Alpha for first Omnibus"}{
" The Public Alpha is finally upon us for the first mode of Pondera which I will be referring to as Omnibus'. This "Omnibus" will be defined as 'Design and Build', which will feature a peaceful zone with no enemies or pvp. You will be able to learn how to play and bug test without un-due interference. This mode will be Free-to-play for the testing phase; Subscription models and possible pricing models are still up in the air. The mode to follow is: PVE! In the woodwerks is Semi-PVP, Open-PVP, and Story mode(Others to follow? Who knows).
Thank you for your Patience."
AERProductions: (Apr 4 2015, 10:36 am)
It has been awhile.

The project was in a design phase, which had to be completed before production could be resumed. The design phase is long over and there will be a quiet release at some point (I will simply start hosting the game, so keep an eye out) and please register on the website forums and provide feedback if you intend to be helpful via bug/testing, content suggestions, balance, etc.

Currently, it has been decided to split the game into modes and they will be: Design & Build, PVE, Semi-PVP, Open-PVP and Story mode (single player).

They are all self explanatory and will be hosted separately.

This decision came upon the project because the workload was too much as an individual project and the fear was there would be network-latency involved if it was not split.

There is also some difficulty in providing a build-able world along-side a story-mode that shouldn't have its maps altered. There really was no way to prevent abuse such as blocking player progress by building around progress areas, etc. The "all-in-one" mode will simply be turned into story mode/single player offline so a true RPG story can also be made along side this online project.

Keep an eye out for the game in your hub!
AERProductions: (Aug 20 2013, 11:17 am)
I wanted to update the watchers and fans of this production that Sound Effects have just been implemented, The Waterfall(s) of Pondera are now not only Visible but Have Distance Based Audio as well! You can hear them off in the distance and louder on approach Thanks to Koil's soundmob Library.
AERProductions: (Jul 6 2013, 11:00 am)
Screenshots have been released and the font color on the interface has been fixed.

Release can only be slated for "Soon".

Once all tests have been completed and pass, Release will be upon us and it will be ready for network testing.
GrammarNazi63: (Jul 2 2013, 6:03 pm)
The game is nice. I would recommend a little polishing.