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Construct your lineage in a living world. [More]
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DreamDownload byond://AERProductions.Pondera##version=26

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Version 280.20
Date added: Jun 10 2013
Last updated: Sep 9 2022
41 fans

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byond://BYOND.world.1800194489 [Pondera (OpenTest-SmallMap-FrequentReset)
Spring / 3 / Iyar / AM 682]

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Exist to survive in a world of creation and destruction. Claim your own in the vast wilderness that occupies the expanse of Pondera. Gathering resources not only to live, but to thrive -- build your desires, a fishing hut, a village, even your own kingdom castle. Team up with others or go it alone to discover what path lies within your desires! The waters of Pondera may tell, while your hands set the stone.

Game Features:
  • Medieval Theme, Scripture inspired
  • Ecclesiastical Calendar with Time, Seasons and Sabbaths/Covenants!
  • Optional 24h Real Time mode
  • Day/Night cycle and Sundials
  • 3D Positional sound
  • Client-side Lighting
  • Client-side Particle weather system
  • Botany/Horticulture/Agriculture
  • Mining/Metallurgy(Smelting)/Smithing
  • Lumber/Woodworking/Carpentry
  • Hunting, Gathering, Biomes
  • Construction and Clayworks/Stoneworks
  • Terraforming and Landscaping
  • Alchemy/Potion/Tonic crafting
  • Strategic defensible position building
  • "Start from nothing, Everything Player Made"
  • Sandbox, Story, PVP/PVE/MMO/MP/SP
  • Consistent artistic vision(Single Artist/Designer)
  • Open Source, designed by one, made by everyone, for everyone!

  • Now supports Laptop (1336x768) and Desktop resolutions(1920x1080)

    This is a game of the ages that will be released and steadily maintained/improved/built upon. It is in a Stable Alpha State, but requires content, bug fixes/function fixes and further additions over time. We are at that time.

    Story mode will also be available in draft form and a new hub has been created to access it, here ( Pondera Story Mode Hub )! May you please report any bugs or issues you may have.

    Gracious Mentions:
    : [SFOD-D]Sandman, F0lak, NSBR, NarutoHeroMMaster, Higoten.

    : F0lak, NSBR, Hilel, Surge.

    Library Credits
    : alieniskiller, Dantom, Deadron, Drumersl, Forum_Account, Garthor, Gughunter, IainPeregrine, Kaiochao, Kidpaddle45, Koil, LummoxJR, Megafartcannon, Misticone, Neon, Scoobert, Shadowdarke, Truzzie, and any who I missed. Special thanks to Xerse & Ripper man5 for the Basic Framework this game was built from.

    Pondera by AER Productions ~ '09-'22

Version 280.20
Date added: Jun 10 2013
Last updated: Sep 9 2022
41 fans

[Extras] [Bonus features]

To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://AERProductions.Pondera##version=26

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:




AERProductions: (Sep 5 2022, 10:54 pm)
Update 23 brings some improvements to the game:

Movement loading bug has been permanently fixed
Graphic improvements on trees, cliffs, bushes and flowers/tallgrass.
Starting spot should now generate on a random grass turf that won't trap the player
Sound spawning during day/night and for weather.
Energy has been renamed to stamina.
Map Generation has been corrected and improved with some additional resources that weren't spawning correctly before, such as bushes, logs and stumps.
Berries can now be picked individually instead of only harvested with a sickle. Now the sickle will collect clusters of berries along with seeds while hand picking (no tool) will only collect one berry at a time (when bush has ripe berries during appropriate season). Clusters heal more than individual berries.

Needs Testing:
General overall gameplay to certify Tech Tree and functionality
Seasonal water bug may have been corrected
Bushes and Flowers/Tallgrass are now removable with a shovel.
Bush spawning needs more adjustment (a bit too many spawn at present and may be of only one type)

Additional news:
A working copy of the story mode is in the works, just needs tested and refined. After I check all of the teleports are working as intended and add sfx spawners, I will release an alpha copy of the story mode (no frills, really!).

Stay aware and keep hydrated!
AERProductions: (Aug 10 2022, 2:43 pm)
After in-house testing, more updates have been released -- they addressed one game-breaking issue, among others.

Client-side systems were having some troubles, notes below.

The day/night system initially had a long-term performance issue that would lock up a server hosting it for more than a day. After this was discovered, it was debugged and has been fixed.

The particle weather system wasn't functioning correctly. It has been fixed and is now fully functional, it will rain or snow based on season and chance.

Another stab at the lack of movement issue after loading a saved character. Movement should return more quickly, the issue is known and it will continue to be monitored and a permanent fix administered. Currently, it can't be permanently corrected without messing up the desired movement of the player character.

The sundial readout has been corrected and adjusted to include the current season.
AERProductions: (Jan 3 2021, 7:52 pm)
Hosting a Test server that will remain online with the newest test build. Join if you would like to contribute to development by bug reports or finally play the game after all these years! Still lots to add and refine, but it can now be played at the very least.
AERProductions: (Dec 18 2020, 1:00 am)
Certified sowing and rank based planting, finishing off Gardening functionality, adding Vegetables and Grains to the game that grow and harvest based on season. Added the possibility to receive a variety of gemstones while mining.
AERProductions: (Dec 11 2020, 12:43 pm)
Most recent updates to the game have implemented procedural generation. Now lakes and mountains are randomly created in the world, thanks to F0lak for helping to make that possible. Eventually, this procedural generation will be allowed to expand on the edges of the map, meaning that Pondera will be infinitely procedural generated, facilitating real exploration of the game world that will be different every time (but persistent in worlds that choose to do so). Currently, work is being done to implement ore walls on the cliffs. Item Stacking and Map Save/load has been implemented, bringing Pondera that much closer to a public release! Play testing will occur so that bugs or refinements may be put into place, harboring a more favorable public release which will mean keeping the server up longer and not having to take it down to correct or fix issues as often. Thanks for your interest! Until next time, stay aware of your surroundings and stay hydrated.

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