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Construct your lineage in a living world. [More]

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Version 243.682
Date added: Jun 10 2013
Last updated: Jan 19
Last played: Jan 20
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Play the rough draft Sandbox mode while Live!
Story mode will also be available and a new hub has been created to access it, here ( Pondera Story Mode Hub )! May you please report any bugs or issues you may have.

This is a game of the ages that will be released and steadily maintained/improved/built upon. It is in a Stable Alpha State, but requires content, bug fixes/function fixes and further additions over time. We are at that time.

Exist to survive in a world of creation and destruction. Claim your own in the vast wilderness that occupies the world of Pondera. Gathering resources not only to survive, but to thrive -- build your desires, a fishing hut, a village, even your own kingdom. Pacifist, Warmonger, Crafters, Rebels, Tradesmen, Animalistic, what path lies within your desires? Only the waters of Pondera may tell, while your hand sets the stone.

Testers of Mention:
: NarutoHeroMMaster(Lots of general testing which resulted in most fixes), Higoten(Fixed the sound for the game! Hoorah May God Bless you! :)).

: Hilel, Surge.

Library Credits
: Dantom, Deadron, Drumersl, Forum_Account, Garthor, Gughunter, IainPeregrine, Kaiochao, Koil, LummoxJR, Misticone, Neon, Shadowdarke, Truzzie, Kidpaddle45, Scoobert, Megafartcannon, alieniskiller and special thanks to Xerse & Ripper man5 for the Basic Framework this game was built from.

Pondera by AER Productions ~ '09-'20


AERProductions: (Jan 10, 10:23 am)
Higoten helped fix Koil's soundmob library, which enabled sound in the game! Hear the waterfalls of Pondera and the forest birds, once again.

I have fixed every spell in the game and made sure the revival spell can get you out of the afterlife.

I noticed after adding creatures that the attack for them wasn't working due to some previous unfinished work I had done. You can defend yourself again.

Added all the ranks to the statpanel and colored all the stats. Added a sun and moon phase to the statpanel and interface, nifty!

Added a meteor shower that distributes spell books for those who don't have them with their class, maybe you can learn some of the spells by finding them out in the wild! A reason to explore more.

Since I focused on damage dealers this update, PVP, PVE, Spells and all associated with it should be fixed up and working now! Open PVP Sandbox is currently the mode available and needs lots of PVP combat testing!

Cleaned up the map, it had several hundred spawned enemies and too many spawners. All of the improvements I've done have made the game compile and run faster as a whole! Generated more variety of biome and features, added a few more mountains (could use more, will be focusing on map polishing some day).

Added storage containers to the build menu. Can store logs, ore or food. Added a "Destroy Property" verb for players so they can destroy the things they build, or reset the turf they alter. Setup right click menus for everything (so you can right click a fire, or a forge and use it).

Re-enabled weather, probably needs some attention (layer issues).

Had the thought that perhaps I could use this amazing sandbox mode I've created and build the story mode into it. Make it a living world rather than a static single player game. Thinking about adding different "lands" with different tree types/etc.

Added blood spills for dead enemies.

Still much more to be done! More on the way...
AERProductions: (Jan 8, 7:19 am)
Fixed Mining and Ueik Pickaxe, added Stone Rocks needed to map.
Cleaned up time/day&night code, added sun&moon phase clock to interface. Added an additional sun and moon phase line to overview statpanel.
Fixed a compass duplication bug.
Corrected buildexp tag on digexp objects.
Fixed another bug in the lighting code.
Fixed the land generator so I can make fresh maps of different biomes any time. Inevitably the game may be randomly generated and offer endless generated lands to explore.

Still need a faster map save if anyone is interested in helping me get Swapmaps running. Currently it takes a long time to save a 700x700 map tile by tile.

Will be adding more furnishings to build among other improvements, until next time! Stay hydrated.
AERProductions: (Jan 6, 6:37 pm)
Another big update today!
Turned PVP on, added affinity (lose for killing players, gain for helping -dark/light+). Needs testing.
Added monsters, Stay safe out there! Turned Spells on, they need testing and fixing.
Turned Tree Growth on based on season.
Added afterlife and spells to revive from afterlife, needs testing.
Added biomes on the map and more resources required by the game. No longer just tar pits! (Now you have access to all of the base resources, including clay, sand, obsidian, tar, soil/richsoil.)
Added stump removal to trees after chopping down, which now stay chopped down. You can take sprouts to reforest chopped down areas.
There is now an xmas tree that appears on the 25th day of Winter that gives a gift!

Fixed more bugs and more on the way! Thanks to all who show interest, even so, I am fixing this game up so that I can play it myself! ;) The more the merrier.
AERProductions: (Jan 5, 8:04 am)
I've made lots of progress on my game, Pondera. Rewrote these critical sandbox-mode functions and added cancel options to: Building, Landscaping, Smithing and Smelting and they all work well now with their enhancements.

Polished up the interface and I've been hosting it for public play tests of sandbox mode. You can build forts, houses, forges and anvils you can smelt and smith with, garden, landscape, be a cat, four classes with both male and female sprites that are randomly colored in a living simulated world in 2D all made by me! It's pretty great.

With the smithing rewrite, you can now smith every armor in the game and I've added some of the "materials" you'll need to the map. ;) Weapons, lamps and tools are also smithable.
Fix for the forge light and lifetime, rewrite of some other base functions like carving, combining/etc.

So, in summary, you can build roads and ditches or hills, you can build wood or stone forts, houses with furnishings like forge/anvil/sundial that gives compass and date/time/is trackable, lamposts of varying types that provide light, you can mine ore, smelt it into bars and then smithy the bars into craftable parts of these things. I could continue, but lets just observe the point of the tests for now, an iceberg awaits (lots of content underneath). All of this under night turning to day and time/seasons/years/holidays passing. With some random weather (that needs some more work!). Live in the other world. Roleplay is welcome and this game fosters it, but doesn't enforce it. Enjoy as you please!

Testing is required for progress, please come play and try to break some function so that we can make it stronger! Thank you.~

LIVE test is up now! Enjoy.
AERProductions: (Dec 23 2019, 3:53 pm)
Fixed a year progression bug and a seasonal overlay bug.
Test is live.