Shikai Wars: Unknown Legacies

by LadyKahoko
Shikai Wars: Unknown Legacies
Be swept away by dragons, soul reapers, vampires and more! [More]

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Version 5.2
Date added: Aug 24 2010
Last updated: Jul 28 2015
Last played: Nov 11 2017
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Shikai Wars: Unknown Legacies is a Player v/ Player world in a medieval setting. It is based in the popular anime world of Bleach! Embark on a journey through lands filled with Soul Reapers, vampires, wizards, arrancar and more. Choose a race that fits YOU and set out to complete quests through forests filled with hollows and mazes deep within the pits of Hell. The possibilities can seem endless in this world!

Coming Soon.........

  • 4 New Quest NPCs. Each NPC has 3 quests that get gradually harder and then a Boss quest at the end. Each is harder then the first and rewards you with each one being completed.
  • Rounded Off Races. The new races that were added in (Lycan, Spellcaster, Vampire, Knights..etc) have been rounded off. We are still seeking an iconner so I apologize for anything lacking.
  • Proper Race Leaders. Long gone are the days of being edited to become the leader of your race! You finally get to have your place as a leader and let everyone know about it!
  • New race items. Race leaders receive an item that boosts a race-specific stat. New races get an item that helps them belong (Like Shinigamis get zankpakutos).
  • Top Donator has finally been added in. Top donators can finally have their donation houses! Thanks to Curry for his top donations!
  • Hell has been remodled! Everyone loved the original Hell but, face it, it wasn't very pretty! It's been recreated to suit the new final Quest giver!
  • Point items have been reinvented so they work properly and do not disappear when you log out!
  • CAPTURE THE FLAG! We finally added in an automated event that wasn't a Tournament! Capture The Flag is a team building event that makes you work together to gain a flag and win points.


LadyKahoko: (Jan 2, 4:04 pm)
Naruto Uzumakies: (Jun 1 2019, 9:03 pm)
hmmm been ages since I seen this baby lady kahoko how you been
Killcon: (Mar 29 2016, 8:09 am)
really miss this game
Chad7: (Oct 18 2015, 6:31 pm)
Kyle k50: (Aug 26 2015, 4:13 am)
As Lexi said, It's dependent on having a host and possibly a programmer and iconner and in the end It's all down to Lexi.
If I speak to lexi I could manage the hosting. Since I started youtube I have a really powerful computer and a really good wired internet connection. I can host 24/7 for up to about 130 players on the servers I configured already. Only thing is if the server crashes while I am at college then I would not be able to reset it till I get back in the evening though I only go for a few hours a week.
I don't know how much the game has updated in the last 4 years or so that I have not played it but I have some really good ideas for updating it too if lexi and some of the players liked them. Mainly I came up with ways of making all of the arrancar ressurections work that are not in the game (from my memory) and reworking a couple of zanpakto to make them more fun and accurate to the anime. My favourite being tousen. One game made his bankai exactly like the anime in the respect that it makes an area where while inside it your opponant is blind and can't escape but if they slash you or you slash them then they can see for a second. But it was a really really cool idea I think.

Anyway enough about that xD It depends when Lexi next looks at the hub. Hopefully when she does she will get hold of me and we can come to some sort of agreement.