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Alright Byond, sorry to tell you. but uh yea-- pretty much every game I see today is either boring, or tedious. Or a third demographic, which the gameplay is pressing 'self train'.

Literally a quote from someone who played Byond about 5 years ago put it the best who logged onto my game:

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See the problem with recently named 'BYOND SOFTWARE' atm ? They want more money and more people donating. But how is that possible withso many terrible games? There is almost no incentive to pay credits or subscriptions to support Byond because of this. And being that? I have decided to make the first Byond game in a long time that doesnt suck. An extreme thing to say, but it comes with some logic.

I would like to introduce you to the dynamic world of 'Conflict'where it's selling point is not only ugly un-impactual combat PVP. No, the reason you play Conflict is because you matter.

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(Ya know, I could change those village names, but I'm hoping people call my game a Naruto rip , cause I bet haters gonna look past my features and just this is some kind of Naruto fan based mechanic / rip game).

Moving on, this game focuses around getting EXP from missions and ranking up the more you mission and level to get missions that eventually make you feel like you're apart of the grand scheme of things, 'The Golden age' which gives you 2x EXP and a shiny message for everyone to know your village got the golden age. And how do you get in the mix of things even at a low level? -Every- single thing you do effects the game as a whole, most noteable by Influence.

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This showing an example of the lower ranking missions you will recieve, this being a Graffiti removing mission. And as you can see literally your mission effects the actual map in that you take the Graffiti off the Map to make the village look better. And with that mission you contributed to the entire village in terms of influence. Naturally these mission get more extreme such as participating in the dynamic Territory takeover system:

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Alot of crazy stuff here isnt it? Yea, this isnt one of your A to B kind of games, it has its complexities. So in this picture consist of the Dynamic Territory system. Inwhich this banner was taken by a enemy Village , which it was taken for so long that there was spawned Guards around it. Naturally you can't ignore the guards and try to take the banner, or they will attack you. So you have to kill the guards, which for every Guard kill you get 1.0 influence. These guards arent exactly weak, but they show you the dynamic feature of how you can get influence. Not only from missioning, but active raiding / capture and command.

This also highlights the player influence even on the individual scale. As there are about... 35 banners . And for every single one you capture, it literally changes the number of banners your village has. Each of which stand for if you capture one 1% Damage, 1% defence and 1% EXP. Naturally people will -want- to fight for these. Mix this in with Open world PVP? Then you've got some fun. And it doesn't stop there.

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Once again, my game highlights Players playing, and bragging rights. Not everything has to be about PVP you know. Other games seem to not understand that. Nonetheless this game highlights active play by literally giving you your own statue. If you gain the top 3 influence in the Village, when the golden age is triggered you get your own -Statue- placed in the middle of your village for everyone to admire. And did you really think the bragging rights stopped there? You like PVP right? This game doesn't stop at 1v1 Arena challenges. Oh no, we take it further.

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Thats right, this game goes to the scope of Arena challenging up to 4v4s. Or even if you're feeling cocky enough, you can make 2v1s, or maybe 3v1, 2v4,3v2,1v3 Etc Etc. And maybe you're just crazy enough to do a 4v1. Yep, thats right, just to drill into your mind that this game wants to promote who you are and that you're important, it even shows your Win to lose ratio everytime you Accept a Arena challenge.

And yes, if you were curious yes, of course I have a auto tournament system. And of course my game does it better than any other. Because my auto tourneys consist of Clan exclusive and World tournament. Meaning, you may not can't compete well against EVERY clan. But you have the chance to look like the best in your Specific clan with clan exculsive ones that only you or anyone of your same clan can Join. And guess what? If you have the most wins in your respective clan, you get your own STATUE. So everyone can be in Awe of your greatness. Only problem? I need some players to do these tournies! Lol!

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Rod5: (Jul 6 2015, 4:37 pm)
So, the game isn't done, naturally. But on the road of the game being updated and touched up on I've decided to do some live streaming of the game in that to be open to questions and such about the game. There will be open times to play it, only when I'm live streaming though.
Technoir: (Jun 26 2015, 7:40 am)
So yea.. this game I feel like is going to be the Heroes United of Naruto games (instead of dbz related) like 5 years ago... which in other words means this game is going to be bad ass, bring in a lot of traffic too byond... and last another 5 years and still be kind of awesome. I love the media i'd love to try the game. Please hmu for beta testing.
Rod5: (Jun 20 2015, 4:49 am)
The game is indeed still in progress, 2 clans to be released hopefully a week after next month. Just alot of pixel art has to be done, as well as polishinbg. Some tears will be released later on the official fourms.
Rod5: (Jun 14 2015, 9:03 am)
The game is now up and will be up for the next 2 day sin that to test out the new features added so far. A tinychat will also be thrown in the mix of things
Rod5: (Jun 10 2015, 7:42 pm)
Well currently the game is under some heavy devleopement. As well as I'm trying a advertising method of building hype. And being the rise in controversy for the game and raise in Fans, it has been going well. In that when the game does come up it can be enjoyed on all cylinders with the proper amount of players.

And if you arent aware, the game will be up Sunday 6-13-15 till tuesday 6-15-15. Make sure you stay fanned to keep up with the hype tho :D