by SSJ2GohanDBGT
CDBGT2 is an enticing, addictive, Dragonball MMORPG. It features all of the Z/GT sagas, a pure leveling system, Environmental Damage, unique races, ki system, fighting system and more! [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 3.01a
Date added: Mar 26 2005
Last updated: Aug 8
Last played: Sep 24
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Aren't you tired of doing the same thing with a different map? Tired of running in circles and holding down a button? Looking for a change in pace in a free-style fighting RPG? Clan DBGT 2 is what your looking for! Our game is growing -FAST- and we want you to try it too!

Clan DBGT 2 is the sequel to Clan DBGT - Server, but in no way are they alike. Clan DBGT 2, featuring unique ki, training, and leveling systems, was coded from scratch. Production on this game has been set forth since 11/03.

Hostfiles for older version of game located here

Clan DBGT 2 Beta A2.0

2.0 is finally out, after the long wait - read below for details!
  • Interactive HUD added
  • Leader/Recruiter Differentiated on Guilds
  • Guild Announce Added
  • All Z/GT Sagas are in
  • "Special" Movie Sagas added
  • AI Revamped, new features added
  • World/New now loads faster
  • Logging system is nicer
  • Training has been made 4-6x harder
  • Transformation system revamped
  • Namekians Added
  • Namek Added
  • Spacepod/Telescope system added
  • Ground destruction system revamped
  • Sagasystem fixed, no more lapping
  • New Character Creation system
  • Friends list runs faster(Thanks to Chuck)
  • Ki systems fixed to run faster
  • Items have worth, and are sellable
  • Speed added, you grow faster as you transform
  • Ki training added
  • Wins/Loss added to scoreboard - dates more concise
  • There's definately more I've just forgotten, or you should just discover on your own!

    Clan DBGT 2 Beta(03/25/04) 1.8

    The update page hasn't been updated for a while due to my being busy, sorry.
  • Login/Logout systems revamped
  • Guild Info Redone
  • Several lag issues fixed
  • Arena Challenge Added(Can gain zenni)
  • Snakeway is longer
  • "Friendly" IT System made
  • Spar Training Added
  • Hevalian Race(Non-DB related)
  • Can Donate Zenni to Guild
  • Better AI - Fly added, scan fixed
  • New Saga(Bebi)
  • Sagas Harder
  • Can drop zenni
  • Absorb Fixed

  • Clan DBGT 2 Alpha(03/25/04) 1.7

  • Icers Added
  • Party System Added(Exp/Zenni devided in sagas)
  • Private housing system
  • Minor Ki attack adjustments
  • Dragonballs added
  • Weather/Night Effects(Temporariliy disabled for SFX)
  • Working on revamping custom item systems
  • Transformation table updated w/ footnotes

  • Clan DBGT 2 Alpha(03/19/04) 1.0 -1.6

  • Leveling system balanced
  • Races better balanced
  • Scoreboard added
  • Elder Kaio-shins added(Mystic Training)
  • Weights added - up to 250k
  • Self-training verbs (Shadow boxing)
  • Sagas revamped


Letsuami: (Sep 28, 10:46 am)
This be me, hitting you up. Slightly late.
Bustercannon: (Jul 23, 7:05 pm)
It's not every day a classic comes back to the surface, I didn't play this much but it was a staple for the DBZ games back in the day.
Skeet: (May 18, 3:41 pm)

If ya wanna join clan chat!
92Ber: (May 12, 9:52 am)
How can I turn off the intro music, it keeps repeating all the time :D
SSJ2GohanDBGT: (Mar 3, 2:37 am)
I have hosted the game again.

My power plan keeps resetting and my PC is going to sleep stopping the game. I will look into it.

And fixed. I might look into moving this over to my webserver, but the CPU is much worse than my PC. The uptime would be much better because of Linux. We'll see.