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Walk over bridges and block your opponents from gaining points. Do you have what it takes to defeat your opponents in this strategic game?
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Broken Seal
Explore the vast lands, advancing through knighthood and the many wonders of the medieval era. Or wage war against opposing factions, taking their castles and seiging their people. Join this revolutionary game and decide your destiny!
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Take a break from reality. Take your little stickman on an adventure through the magic chalkboard. Soon to be the best platform game on BYOND.
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Closed Quarters
You know it's coming. You dread the moment. Worst thing is, there is nothing you can do about it. Come and join in the fun as you attempt to survive in "Closed Quarters". See inside for more information.
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Harry Potter - Voldemort Returns
Live your own "Harry Potter" with 32 spells from the book, enchantments, transfiguration, potions, teachers, secret passages and more!
The court is now in session. A game of pure role playing.
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A game of city state war fare. Farm, fish or destroy your opponents. Requires the latest version of byond. NEW city state wars and player attacking
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This is the classic game of Real Estate called Monopoly. Come and play! - - - - NEW VERSION MULTIPLE BOARDS PER SERVER - - - -
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Project Mars
Its 2200AD. Humans have settled on mars. Now mars is being attacked by an unknown being that wants to take over the earth. You must use all of your skills to save the earth.
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Can you reach the top of the pyramid? - - Looking for hosts and testers
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Welcome to squares the classic pen and paper game. Play today
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Ever wanted to share sites, advertise, share files or even publish your own web site. Well with this program you can do all that. Try it out today!!
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Ever wanted a rating for your server, well here it is. This program will put your computer to its limits. Choose your difficulty level and show your results off to your friends.
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ADT_CLONE's Libraries
Ever wanted a rating on a servers lag. Well here is the program for you.
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Ever wanted to utilize the boring old status bar at the bottom of your Dream Seeker window. Well now you can! Add scrolling text at the bottom of the screen. Even add statistics there like health of server uptime. What you do is only limited by your imagi
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