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A well-rounded, normal person with normal likes and dislikes, normal personality, normal attitude, and normal all-rounded person... for an outgoing, slightly sadistic, anime-addicted pacifist.

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Pokémon Online World


Earned on Jul 17 2018, 2:32 am


A Miner Adventure

It Happens to Everyone (part 3)

Killed by an alien.

Earned on Jul 7 2013, 8:11 pm




Level: 15

Earned on Jul 4 2013, 9:27 am



Popgun Pulverizer

Get your hands dirty.

Earned on Jan 21 2011, 8:52 pm


Pokemon Challenger

Beta Tester

A genuine beta tester!

Earned on Jun 2 2009, 7:08 am

Adventurer Lite

Seen 75 species of Pokemon

Earned on Jun 2 2009, 7:36 am

Wave Adept

Defeated 50 waves in any mode

Earned on Jun 2 2009, 7:56 am


Its the Taking Part that Counts

Simply join or start a Wargames server to receive your first medal [E]

Earned on Apr 20 2009, 12:54 pm

My Island!

Lose a battle, but save your land with water and no enemy navy [M]

Earned on Dec 10 2010, 9:13 pm

In the Navy

Start a Naval Battle [E]

Earned on Dec 10 2010, 9:37 pm

Breaking the Peace

Start the first fight in a game [E]

Earned on Dec 11 2010, 4:02 pm

Air Battle

Start an Aerial Battle [E]

Earned on Dec 11 2010, 4:04 pm

I'm a Big Boy now!

Use a nuclear weapon [E]

Earned on Dec 11 2010, 4:44 pm


Kill a million people when using a nuclear weapon [E]

Earned on Dec 11 2010, 5:09 pm

Lab Rat

Research all Resource and Building techs [M]

Earned on Dec 11 2010, 6:05 pm

Sticks and Stones

Successfully defend from a more advanced Nations attack [M]

Earned on Sep 5 2011, 3:25 am

Red Wings

Get the third Rank (6 Medals) [E]

Earned on Oct 18 2013, 11:51 am

Space The Final Frontier

Develop a Space Program [E]

Earned on Oct 18 2013, 5:25 pm

Education Education Education

Get an A in your school report with a population over 50 Million [E]

Earned on Oct 18 2013, 6:09 pm

Socialist Healthcare

Get under 1000 PPD with a population over 50 Million [E]

Earned on Oct 18 2013, 6:09 pm


Make a Million Through Trade [E]

Earned on Oct 19 2013, 9:44 am

Ministry of Love

Get 100% approval rate... One way or another! [M]

Earned on Oct 19 2013, 10:22 am

9801 The Magic Number

Reach 9,801 land [H]

Earned on Oct 19 2013, 12:13 pm