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The name's Crispy. *Extra* Crispy.

Crispy's Games
A cyberspace-themed remake of the classic game Battleships.
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Carpe Slimum
The slimes are revolting! And they've got their own board game.
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Halloween; the night when old arcade games rise from the grave...
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The Quest For The Code
Similar to the classic game Mastermind.
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Sneak past the guards and escape with their treasure in this fast-paced multiplayer game. Now includes computer players!
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Traffic Jam
Escape from the traffic jam by sliding the cars around.
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Just a little dicey.
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Yet Another Generic Space-Age Conquest Game
Build up your factories and gather your fleets. The galaxy is on the brink of utterly pointless and generic WAR!
Your Money or Your Life
Ryan, deceased bank-robber-wannabe, thought he'd get some peace and quiet in the next life. He thought wrong.
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Crispy's Demos
The Code For The Quest For The Code
The source code for "The Quest For The Code".
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Traffic Jam source
Your jam for Traffic Source! I mean... nevermind.
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Your Money or Your Source Code
Full source code for the adventure game "Your Money or Your Life".
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Crispy's Libraries
"And STAY out!"
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Let players drag HUD objects around to customize their screen layout!
About HeadsUp
Quickly and easily implement a help system with a tree structure for help topics.
About HelpSys
Display automatically created maps of entire Z levels in browser windows!
About Mapper
Easily create spectators who can't interfere with the game.
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