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Apr 17 2013, 10:57 am
please join to new age i need help
Mar 26 2013, 8:56 pm
Your host for New Age(Aaireikae) was behaving immaturely in-game. I purposely went to main island with the intent of killing him because I believed him to be there. He was level 107 and I was 250 so there wouldn't really be a contest and it was a little underhanded but within the known rules and I planned on acquiring berry for a df catalog. When I arrived at main he was in the safe zone and I ran around and waited but he didn't leave safe zone. I began preparing to leave main when he suddenly walked out of the safe zone and by the logs. I waited a minute before I went in to strike where I took his berry and killed him. He immediately threatened to ban me for the act without explanation so I said he was only another player to me and he took it to be a question of his authority so he booted me. When I logged in he demanded his money back and threatened a ban again this time with the reasoning that I questioned his authority but I refused and even apologized that it sounded like I questioned his authority but he wouldn't have it. He then stated that there was a rule that you could not pvp with someone under level 150. I had never heard of this rule, it was never a rule before, nor is it listed anywhere. I told him this and he defended that you had given him permission to make up one rule. I retorted that even if he had the ability to do so it was rather convenient that it had suddenly become a rule when he lost his money and that even if it were legitimate he couldn't enforce the rule until he had stated it to someone other than himself. He had nothing to say to this except that he would ban me and he followed through. Although this experience makes me bitter, all I want to do is play the game again and be able to play knowing the current rules and be able to play within them but not have my spoils be taken suddenly and unjustly. Thank you for reading this Kyo.

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