Hello everyone, Nice to meet you all. My name is Jave.
Hello Jave, my name is Yash and welcome to BYOND.
Hello Jave,Welcom To Byond.
Hi Jave, im Magicbeast.
Hello Jave, Hope you have a plesent time here on BYOND.

Watch out for Bobbyawesome hes indeed a retard..../Biggest Ripper.
Supremacy hello, i am Lilryke on ur DBZS game to me it is one of the best games in the entire world that ive palyed staring the DBZ charcates on the pc. but recently i was banned while training by my labtop froze and my computer kept spaming and i was automatically banned for it :( i would never try to cheat, spam or curropt this tgame and i really do wish i could return. so if you please kindly unban me so i may return to my hard work and wonderful friends and foes.

hello jave watch out for this guy named goku super saiyan 4 he goes to cmc= chinas mental center and he will suck your dick off watch out he loves balls he has balls ahoy for breafest