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Drakiel's Games
Role-play,build,and live in the virgin world of Archeria! Be a fisherman, trader, miner, smither, builder, farmer,alchemist, hunter, and much more in a vast world YOU and other players help create!
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Blast Zone
If you're looking for an easy to learn shooter than this is the one! Compete with teams in this arcade style shooter with a tactical twist!
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Brood Star Tavern
The original text-rp of BYOND.
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Fenris Apocalypse
A classic RPG made by Kunark - now available to play again!
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Fly Boys
Experience the thrill of dogfights back in World War I with this combat simulator. Take out enemy pilots for credits and use them to learn better moves such as barrel roll, loop, and more!
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Realms Of Terra
Role-Play in a world filled with monsters, quests, and an unlimited amount of weapons and armors. The world is on the brink of chaos - will you be the one to set peace?
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The ultimate RPG.
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War Of The Wizards
Fast - paced action rpg / shooter
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Fun place to chat.
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Use custom avatars, images, and backrounds to chat with your friends! A unique new icon chatter, come see for yourself!
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Shadow Gate
Use skills and teamwork to see how far you can survive the dangers that lie within the Shadow Gate...
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Drakiel's Demos
BST Source
Released due to the fact that everyone wants a perfect game. Tell you what, instead of wasting my time trying to do the impossible why not I release this so you can all have your perfect game!
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