Thank You,the game was on a long break,i started back working on it,and i got already 2 artists,things should be done fast,but i learned my lesson,and i can't give out any date yet,so I'll just say,look forward to it and keep following the progress of this game!
Nice game.. How do we get into closed testing <:O looks pretty good to me
i made some good icons
Looks cool, waiting for the play.
did u start over again link? o.o
Dudddeeee, screen shots make me wanna play lols, either it hasnt been up, or i just miss it when it is :D
Check out the forum and join.
Ohh no Closed Beta for Tama ?lols
They had it on yesterday but it was a pre release on what's comin up :D
sweet keep it up
Whelp, this should be fun. Tomorrow we'll start actually working when I get back from Cheer Practice :P
Cheer Pratice.....and closed testing today.
Awww i wanna play already!!! (no rush)
When exactly do you guys host [in London Time]
If You Need A Host For a server, you can pm me, I got really good internet connection.............
Host a Server Pls
Can i host a Sever abd also a GM because i can help keep the Spamming to a Low level
indirect insult
Who wanna play this game vote to host a server just PLS host a server so we can play bcuz this game looks soooo cool
Ok I can Host I Got good connection.... so if you want I am ready any time! my email is
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