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Feb 28 2016, 4:38 am
SGO Yurgeta back up online. We need some jaffas.
Jan 20 2013, 3:53 am
xD Dude why did u stop working on ur inuyasha game , it would have rocked since there are no inuyasha games on byond that are finished

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Killer22's Games
Bullet, a game of missions to become the top player. Play on 1 of 2 teams. BE A REBEL OR BE A WARRIOR!
About Bullet
Devil May Cry Online
Devil May Cry has come to BYOND!
Re: About Devil May Cry Online
Fishing For Fun
A nice little fishing game.
About Fishing For Fun
Pokemon Moonlight Rebellion 2
Bringing back the greatest pokemon game to see BYOND!
Re: PMR2 Updates
Killer22's Demos
Air System Demo
A nice air system i made!
About Air System Demo
Killer22's Libraries
BNA Machine
A DNA Machine... what more can i say?
About BNA Machine
Crystal Ban
This will teach you how to ban people using directorys and files (IP/Key banning)
About Crystal Ban
Dynamic Ship System
Dynamic Ship System allowing you to add ships to your game that can be created during runtime. All you have to do is create the ship and the ship's interrior will be created for you.
About Dynamic Ship System
Favorites Checker
Using this proc, you may check a persons member page, and find out of they have a specific game added to it.
About Favorites Checker
GeoIP Ban
Ban people not by IP, but by the Geo-location their ip reveals!
Re: About GeoIP Ban
Hud alert (yes and no option included)
About Halert
Hud Adding
Shows how to add huds and objects to your huds. Very detailed and easy to use.
About Hud Adding