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I'm 17 at the moment, I play Xbox Live, (GT: KingGunnerblast), I live in IL, USA, and I love being on BYOND. I have a bunch of games, but most are incomplete and not going to be worked on in the future. Current Games I am working on: Fantasy RPG, eChat, and A BYOND Life. Thanks Shades and Hikato for buying me a BYOND membership!

King Gunnerblast's Games
A BYOND Life (Demo)
Come in and show icons, trade, and sell them! You can even buy your own house!
About A BYOND Life (Demo)
Battlezone: Rise of the Sacred Warriors
If u like Battlezone, come join the war!
It all begins with you...
About FantasyRPG
HB.Com's host server
About HostServer
Hyper BYOND.Com
Free BYOND Hosting 'till Late Spring/Summer!
About Hyper BYOND.Com
A fun jumping game using the DBZ Saga.
About JumpingAdventure
Duke it out with your friends with this non-rip game/ never ending battle!
About War!
The perfect chatting sloution for you and your friends on BYOND!
About eChat
The perfect chatting solution for you and a few friends eager to share info! Features include mini webspace, Buddy list, cool smileys, and more!
About eChat-OLD
About host