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May 30, 9:25 am
@ RayCast()
This engine is currently lacking in more important pixel movement related support, unless its been added in 500+. Simple things like being able to calculate and move at angles, even a simple redesign to the controls, so you can use more than one movement button at a time by default, etc. This is all stuff I've already had to build into Box Zombies to get a simple top-down 2D shooter working.
EDIT: That's also a nearly 5 year old post being bumped, such speedy progress made around here =P
Lummox JR
May 27, 1:53 pm
Sounds like that server is running an older version.

The resource package shouldn't have to re-download; that can cache. I haven't had issues with the caching.
May 27, 1:45 pm
I've been banned from bug reports for a decade now, and don't use the 499+ versions of BYOND, but logging in to this for a quick test (SS13) Walking around for a bit, the background/tiles clearly become corrupted in some way, drawing things that shouldn't be there. The audio (music) seems to have cut out after a few seconds, though I can steal hear random sound effects from messages. And after a short while, the entire map portion of the screen just blacked out on me, and doesn't seem to be coming back.

EDIT: Also, it seems the web client re-downloads the resource package every time you connect, not sure if that's truly a bug, or just a technical limitation, but not exactly a desirable feature either way.
Lummox JR
May 27, 1:34 pm
I'm happy to look into any specific bug reports about the webclient, and have done so on a regular basis. You mentioned layering issues but didn't say which ones. Macros ought to be loading (they've been tested in lots of scenarios), but if something specific is failing it'd be good to have a test case that shows that.
May 27, 1:29 pm
Just a heads up, unless you have some secret version of the web client, far more advanced than the current version, this game you're promoting (which we'll just refer to as the failure formerly known as NEStalgia 2.0), you're basically advertising an existence that will in no way be possible (mobile/multi-platform/huge player counts). Here an incomplete quick list of issues I had with the webclient, in less than an hour of messing around with it, that made it completely unplayable in multiple projects. It also seems just as broken (or more-so) in a version of SS13 I tried playing. Not sure how its even legal to be selling products on such false pretenses, but that does appear to be a core mechanic of Kick-starter's existence. glhf

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