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The one your parents warned you about. BYOND staff grunt, if you have questions, I have answers! =) I can assist with programming, design, published game channels, and hub questions.


Feb 6 2013, 1:37 pm
Im sure your busy but in spare time plz fix the glitches with badges 6,7, and 8 on challenger, it takes alot of time to have game stop suddenly, it ruins the game. not complaining, im fine with not playing it but if it were fixed it would be great, thx.
Dec 25 2012, 8:22 am
Survival: The Lost Era's Forums is down so how can I make a fire in it?? I need to know how to make a fire please!
Dec 6 2012, 1:46 pm
I placed a post in Survival: The Lost Era's forum that you should proooobably take a look at. My apologies in advance if you have already been informed that I had posted there.
Nov 17 2012, 12:07 pm
Can you make this open source so people can update and make it better
May 29 2012, 4:01 pm
hey man. can u host a survival the lost era??
if u cant for any reason give me the file and i will host. all i know to do is host, i cant fix anything.
thank for the game

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Darken Earth
The biggest adventure this side of infinity. Rated in the top 5 most graphically beautiful games on BYOND.
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Fraggin' the Hoods
Aliens in our town? I don't think so - the people fight back!
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In the Hood
This is what happens when aliens are low on victims...
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It's like Minesweeper, but different!
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The ultimate in old school hack and slash. Fast paced action combat with an extensive ability and equipment system!
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Mystery Project
The Mystery Project. What could it be today?
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Pokemon Challenger
Pokemon with a new twist! Use your team of Pokemon to fight back wild Pokemon and conquer the Badge Challenges to become the Champion!
Maybe possible´?
Hack and slash RPG from Polatrite! Information coming soon!
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Can you make it? Come on in and see the premiere life sim, Survival. Featuring crafting, building, killing, farming, fishing, and much more. Only on BYOND.
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Survival: The Lost Era
Stranded on a tropical island with your wits and a fierce desire not to be eaten alive, can you survive? The sequel to the original BYOND survival sim that started it all!
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The Trinity Star
The Trinity Star, a small galaxy made up of three planets, each with a unique theme.
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The Trinity Star 2
The sequel to hit-game "The Trinity Star"
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Graphical MUD Kit
An excellent foundation to begin work on your own Graphical MUD, or RPG!
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Minescraper (source)
The source code for Minescraper
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Polatrite's Libraries
Action Control
A 100% reliable library to better control player actions requiring delays, or just about any other delay action you might need to do.
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Ever needed to do spell effects or explosions in a certain shape? Use this library to create as many effects in any shapes you want!
Re: About GetArea
A banning utility that uses your standard Dream Seeker pager banning feature, and extends it, adding functionality and power.
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