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For Those About To Rock, You're Rocking The Wrong Way.....


Ripper man5
Dec 4 2022, 12:05 pm
Jul 27 2013, 6:45 am
Ripper man5
Mar 24 2013, 8:35 am
Glad to see you online Ganing. ^_^
The Opium Equation
Dec 21 2012, 3:51 pm
I can only assume the development of KHO was cancelled?
Aug 4 2012, 11:43 am
Can I purchase your source from you

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Ganing's Games
BYOND: Martial Arts
A text-based martial arts game. Travel around the world, train, challenge friends, enter weekly tournaments, become the greatest there was. Do it now.
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Dynasty Warriors: Feudal Wars
The war between the three kingdoms has begun. Wu, Wei, and Shu wage war to see who shall end the chaos and rule the land. With 20+ different Dynasty Warriors characters, 5 non-fictional locations, and intelligent A.I., you can feel the chaos once again!
Eternal Blue
A neon, platformer, base defense game. Create machine guns, spikes, and shoot with guns or even shoot chi blasts. Infinite waves that get harder as you progress!
About Eternal Blue
Halloween: Terror
They steal your candy... they scare you... they ruin your Halloween... don't you want revenge?
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Halloween: Terror II
World of cruelty and the overrun of thieves. Get your candy back! The successor to Halloween: Terror.
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Masterchief's Shooting Training
Looks like Masterchiefs Shooting has gotten a bit rusty, out of WD40, Masterchief challenges the Arbiter to a shooting contest to see who can get the most kills! A 2 Player game!
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Midnightmare Realm
A RP-Team Based Game. It's Vampires vs. Humans vs. Werewolfs. The battle's commence at night, while mystery shadows the day. Can you survive the Midnightmare Realm?
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Myth of the Zodiac
A survival game created for the 2011 GiaD competition.
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Naruto Fallen Vengeance
A revival of the long, lost game... Recoded, Redone, Renewed. Enter the future Shinobi world, and lay your mark on history.
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Seika SE
A game much like Castle, or Gold Guardians. 12 different types of mages, 60 waves, and loads of Original Fun! A Six Man Multiplayer!
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The Legend Of Link
You've heard of the legend of Zelda... but what about the legend of Link?
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