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Programmer, aspiring guitarist/musician

Volte's Games
A 3D client.
About 3DClient
Pseudo 3D engine
About 3DEngine
Pseudo 3D engine
About 3DEngine
Another 3D maze.
About 3DMaze
Bust a Move BYOND
My version of Dance Dance Revolution for BYOND.
About Bust a Move BYOND
Graphical Paint
A graphical version of Volte's Paint program. Allows 32x32 icons, and the ability to export them to a DMI file.
About Graphical Paint
Chat in hex.
About HexChat
Just a little screen like in the Matrix.
About Matrix
A platformer minigame.
About Minigame
Movement Test
Kick a ball around, taking speed into account.
About Movement Test
Explore the magical realms of Ostoria in this multiplayer RPG.
About Ostoria
A simple paint program, that includes the following tools; Darken, Brighten, Fill, Erase, Mix, Draw
About Paint
Real Vision (Demo)
Give players a field of vision.
About Real Vision (Demo)
Just a little something.
About Scarecrow
Star Wars
Immerse yourself in a text-mode Star Wars universe.
About Star Wars
Volte's outcome of tinkering around in text mode.
About TextMode
Whose Post is it Anyway?
Win points by guessing the author of a randomly selected forum post.
About Whose Post is it Anyway?
Generate a tree of atoms from a dmi file.
About dmi2atom
Volte's Demos
3D Maze Source
The source code to Volte's 3D Maze
About 3D Maze Source
3D Tag Source
Tag at it's best.
About 3D Tag Source
Browser Shop
A demo on browser shops.
About Browser Shop
Camera Angles
Use client.dir to create the effect of camera angles.
About Camera Angles
Character Creation Tutorial
Easy character creation using strings, to define mob paths.
About Character Creation Tutorial
Dynamic Shadows
Make dynamic shadows pretty easily.
About Dynamic Shadows
Make your own 'invalid command' message.
About ErrorMessage
Lightning Demo
A simple demo to teach you how to add lightning to your game.
About Lightning Demo
An example of how to use multi-dimensional lists, to create a wicki-type program. (Not commented)
About ListExample
Password Login
Using names, and passwords, you can log in to any character you have the password to.
Re: About Password Login
Stat Globes
Make Diablo-style stat globes on screen.
About Stat Globes
Volte's Libraries
Error Message Lib
Create your own 'Invalid Command' message.
About Error Message Lib
NPC Dialog
A library to make quick and easy NPC dialog.
About NPC Dialog
Site Parsing
A small collection of procedures to parse information from (certain) websites.
About Site Parsing
Return a list of definitions as described by Dictionary.com
About V_DictionarySearch
Create wildcards with your text.
About WildCard