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Assault Vehicle Interstellar Armadas! A combination of Fire Emblem and Mega Man Battle Network!
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Aetherune Tournament
Build a deck, claim tiles and cast spells in this tactical turn based arena.
Purpose of Bloodbubble?
A minimalist game made on the side in spirit of GIAD 2016
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Calamity Pals
Blow up your friends using post apocalyptic pets
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Made for GIAD 2017
Become the greatest of all time in this Halo-inspired goat shooter.
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Lord of the Bugs
Discover who truly is the Lord of the Bugs in this extremely deep and immersive sandbox role-playing game.
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MOBA Tactics
A mix between MOBA and turn based combat!
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Zen in Space
Build ships, crash them, and CAPTURE THE FLAG!
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made in 24 hours to whoop silkwizard
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Sigma Engine
the engine i use to :makgam:
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