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Yesterday, 6:07 am
Why do you want to be moderator?:Because all other Mods. are gay!
Feb 17, 8:36 pm
Zeroook-san update pls i got 2 eye obito final stand senju dna uchiha cloak madara and unmasked obito waiting for meee
Dec 29 2014, 11:05 am
Can u make the buy one get one free last a bit longer because the website isn't working :P
Sep 8 2014, 3:02 am
hey zerok just want you to get aware of how shanal is abusing his powers
Shane183: Hidan (Shizamz)(Lvl.23 Jounin) says: ?????????????????????
Hidan (Shizamz)(Lvl.23 Jounin) says: ?????????????????????????????????
Hidan (Shizamz)(Lvl.23 Jounin) says: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
Hidan (Shizamz)(Lvl.23 Jounin) says: ?????????????????????????????????
Madara (X-ShinraTensei-X)(Lvl.15 Special JouninAKAT) says: Shanal restored Sasuke back to full strength!
Madara (X-ShinraTensei-X)(Lvl.15 Special JouninAKAT) says: abuseee!
Shanal has banned Shizamz due to: ?????????????????????????????????
i didnt spam,did it for 1 st time

Shane183: Proest ban ever
Hes a nub who rages and bans for no reason
Hes a begger who asks for locks from other ppl
k be aware of the fact that shanal is a kid and dont have a brain
Aug 4 2014, 5:05 pm
###Application Form###Sex:MaleAge:16Activeness:everydayMaturity Level:7/10. 8.5 on a good day. 4 when im pissedWhy do you want moderator?To reboot when round bugs, which happens a lot, and to boot bug abusers if its confirmed their abusing. Tk'ers deserve a boot too.Why Do you deserve moderator?I don't get mad easy and have no plans of resulting any punishment to bans, unless pushed constantly. Not annoying and wont suck your ass.You're moderating COSAB when someone continues to spam chat and make racist comments towards someone. What do you do?MuteYou're friend has discovered a bug that can cause entire rounds to bug. It can even sometimes cause the server to crash. What do you do?Ask him not to use it again and report it to Zerok.A host is abusing his powers and is banning people for no good reasons. What do you do?Ban him and contact ZerokAnother mod/admin has just banned you. What do you do?If it was for no reason you talk to them and see what you did. If its for no reason, contact Zerok.You have banned someone for breaking the rules. However, they have found out how to bypass ban and are hiding using alts. What do you do?If I cant trace him, tell an admin. Other then that just continue to ban constant rule breakers like normal. If they use an alt and try to break rules again they will be boot/banned.Will you try to go on the staff chat everyday??http://www.dxforliferf.chatango.comYesIf you comment on this forum topic with something that isn't an application form, your application may be ignored. Do you understand?Of-courseYou will only boot/ban when someone breaks the rules LISTED ON THE HELP FILE AND THE HUB, understood?AbsolutelyYou will not just ban someone. First, you give them a warning, if they continue, boot them, and if they still persist, that's when you ban them. Do you understand?YupOnly mute people for disrespecting players, spamming chat, or trolling way too much. Understood?UnderstoodAcknowledging that you understand these terms and conditions means that you can't say you didn't know something you did was wrong. Understood?Yes of-courseIf you break these terms and conditions, you may have your mod powers stripped and may even receive further punishment. Do you understand?Very wellDo you get all the ladies/men?all ladies.How awesome are you?100/10. 110 on a good day.What is the most important thing about COSAB?To be not abuse/ban. to be awesome. and not playerhate.Your epic signature here:@KO$ER

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