Zerok Kaiba

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Mar 11, 3:53 pm
I hope an update is soons i gots menma and an bulk madara package waaiting for meeeeee
Mar 2, 6:07 am
Why do you want to be moderator?:Because all other Mods. are gay!
Feb 17, 8:36 pm
Zeroook-san update pls i got 2 eye obito final stand senju dna uchiha cloak madara and unmasked obito waiting for meee
Dec 29 2014, 11:05 am
Can u make the buy one get one free last a bit longer because the website isn't working :P
Sep 8 2014, 3:02 am
hey zerok just want you to get aware of how shanal is abusing his powers
Shane183: Hidan (Shizamz)(Lvl.23 Jounin) says: ?????????????????????
Hidan (Shizamz)(Lvl.23 Jounin) says: ?????????????????????????????????
Hidan (Shizamz)(Lvl.23 Jounin) says: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
Hidan (Shizamz)(Lvl.23 Jounin) says: ?????????????????????????????????
Madara (X-ShinraTensei-X)(Lvl.15 Special JouninAKAT) says: Shanal restored Sasuke back to full strength!
Madara (X-ShinraTensei-X)(Lvl.15 Special JouninAKAT) says: abuseee!
Shanal has banned Shizamz due to: ?????????????????????????????????
i didnt spam,did it for 1 st time

Shane183: Proest ban ever
Hes a nub who rages and bans for no reason
Hes a begger who asks for locks from other ppl
k be aware of the fact that shanal is a kid and dont have a brain

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