Ninja: Evolution

by SasukeHawk
Ninja: Evolution
Begin your very own ninja adventure in this fast-pased Shinobi game based on Naruto bleach fairy tail anime
In response to Duskstrike
Duskstrike wrote:
Do a wipe for the players to return to play.

I don't think that's why most of them left. They left cause I fixed most abusive fast-leveling bugs. They're too lazy to train for longer periods of time. :D
I would totally return rly hard if we had a Wipe, and the most important thing, a playerbase to play with. I always thought this was the most original game of Naruto on byond, and I would really like it coming back.
Servers are gonna be up right?
Game is back up
Do many people still play this game?
In response to Lilxoscar
Lilxoscar wrote:
Do many people still play this game?

Well, Depends on what you think is many. Join the discord and check it out :3
What happen ? :/
They need to revert what they did to the stats, making everything harder to level was a bad idea the grinding at the start of a wipe was fun but it feels annoyingly long now

Edit: What I'd do is make stat training easy for 1-50 after that make it hard helps out the noobs also

Edit2: Also make the mission NPC's relatively close to your village so beginners aren't just lost and end up quitting
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