Hey my name is brandon and i just became a member. i want to make a naruto game but i not sure how to. So if anyone can help me with getting started and help me through it then i will make u co-owner and anything u want in the game. And i will be needing a host 24/7 if u can but if u can host at all that will work.

thank you so much if u can help me.
My msn is [email protected]
TO get hold of me faster just email me at [email protected]
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If you want to make a stable Naruto game you should'nt offer co owner just for a bit of help. If you want to make a great Naruto game you ned knowlage of the manga/anime. And know how to code atleast a little, icon and mapping. You would also need a team of coders mappers and iconers if you cant do them urself. You need to make the game as original as possible, that does not meen adding a clan for every second name in the series.
EG: tsunade clan orichimaru clan kabuto clan.

those are just some of the things you need to know to make a great naruto game.
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Setox wrote:
You would also need a team of coders mappers and iconers if you cant do them urself.

My advice - and this comes from somebody that is more experienced than Setox by orders of magnitude - is that you completely and wholeheartedly ignore this advice. No, actually: you completely and wholeheartedly do the OPPOSITE of this advice. Assembling a team of professional programmers, artists, and what-have-you is hard enough. When they aren't professional and are instead a bunch of pre-teens... the phrase "herding cats" comes to mind. If you try to do this, you will fail miserably. It's the sort of thing only a Kindergarten teacher could pull off.
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True you are more experienced than me Garthor, but if you cant icon how are you ganna have icons, if you cant code how are you going to program the game, if you cant map how you going to map the icons that you dont have because you cant icon. And if you dont know how to code you cant put them all together without knowing how to code. My game has not really got a team just me-the coder and mapper 1 iconner and a hoster.
Therefore in my opinion making a game without knowing atleast one of these and no team makes the game auto maticly fail, unless you are such a great coder that its so fun that you dont need good icons and maps.
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Here's some advice, if you are starting off your game and you are already worrying about maps and icons you are doing it wrong.

The first thing you need is code.
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If you are physically incapable of doing anything required to make a game...

don't make a game?
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Garthor wrote:
If you are physically incapable of doing anything required to make a game...

don't make a game?

I think the problem is most people don't realize how much stuff they have to know and do to really make a game that isn't ripped up
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I'd say the problem is more of a sense of entitlement that comes from being as young as most people here are (and possibly poor parenting, because I love to blame parents). Everything else is just a symptom of that.
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Thank you for all the of your comm. ill give it a try but maybe im not lol well thank you.
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I pretty much agree with what Garthor and Obs have said. You definitely don't want to gather a bunch of people together together, especially inexperienced people, and especially if you have nothing to bring to that team.

Here's how designing a game works - and just because I haven't released anything doesn't mean I don't know this, it just means I haven't been satisfied with anything I've made.

Step 1: Concept
You first need to have an idea of what you want to build, the basic concept of how the engine will work, what players will do for fun in your game, and so for. Without this, there's no point in going any further.

Step 2: Programming
At this point, you need to turn your idea into code. Unless you're a hopeless graphics artist who loves to draw and you have lots of spare art laying around, you'll probably be using filler graphics, and you'll probably be using test maps and will have no sound effects at all. All you need is code - so if you can't program, now is the time to start learning.

Step 3: Content
Assuming you've programmed and thoroughly tested your gaming engine, you now get to the point where you have to add content to you game. This means, if you're building an RPG, add all your items, monsters, maps and so forth. Whatever your game requires. Most of the functionality that your game will need to make the items/monsters/maps work should already be programmed into the game.

Note: At this point, you CAN ask someone else to help you create content for your game. This is actually my favorite part of game design - since I hate the concept and programming stages. Just make sure that you don't give our your entire source code to someone who wants to help you, because if you do they're libel to steal your game and call it their own.

Step 4: Graphics
Now that your game is essentially finished, you can start testing it publicly and building up a player base. If you're an artist, you can enhance the graphics in your game and improve the overall glitz factor until your heart's content. If you're not an artist, now is the time to start asking around for people to help make your game look better. If people like you game, and your game has a good concept, good programming, and good content, then you'll probably have an easy time finding someone who likes your game enough that they want to do artwork for it.

Of course, some of the more experienced/professional game developers might disagree with some points, in which case feel free to correct me.