515.1619 (Notes)

Quick fix for a bug that snuck into 1617 but wasn't detected because of other issues.
515.1620 (Notes)

This is the first release from the new development machine!

The long-awaited Byondapi overhaul is here, and another small fix for Dream Maker. There's also a change to the installer that should hopefully prevent the sorts of situations that came up where it wasn't properly detecting that it needed to install newer Visual C++ runtimes.

Some more bug fix work is waiting in the wings before BYOND 515 moves to the stable channel, but it won't be very long now. 516 work for WebView2 is already underway.

NOTE: There is a small error in byondapi.h's comments where Byond_ThreadSync says the function pointer and the function itself should return a u4c value. The return value for both has been changed to CByondValue instead. The documentation will be fixed in the next build, but it was discovered too late in deployment to change, so screw it. You can figure it out.
515.1621 (Notes)

More bug fixes have stacked up for this new release. I'm really close to closing out 515's beta cycle and moving it to the stable channel, but that probably won't happen until the new year for sanity reasons.
515.1622 (Notes)

More fixes, all on the client but there's a new Linux release anyway, just for the heck of it I guess. (It's easier than trying to keep coordinated when there isn't one.) This should wrap up the year, but in the new year I have to fix an annoying issue with non-square views and client.dir that's been around forever, so 516 can get off on a good footing.
515.1623 (Notes)

That last release wasn't so final as I thought. A small typo caused a major problem in the client view code for certain projects. Here's a quick fix to close out 2023.
515.1624 (Notes)

It's the first release of the new year, and barring any unforeseen circumstances I think the next build is likely to be the new stable build. Some important bug fixes are in place here including a big rework to client view code, and splittext() turned out to be misbehaving all this time with its Start and End arguments.
515.1625 (Notes)

Quick fix: An infinite loop snuck into the client and slipped past ordinary tests. Naturally SS13 revealed the problem. All hail the eagle-eyed spessmen.
515.1626 (Notes)

A wild server issue appeared, and SIDE_MAP needed a client fix.
515.1627 (Notes)

Fixes for miscellany, basically all on the client, including a very weird intermittent crash.
515.1628 (Notes)

More important fixes, sliding toward putting 515 in the stable channel.
515.1629 (Notes)

Hotfix for a weird macro issue in code that was intended to help the Russian-layout users.
515.1630 (Notes)

Third time's the charm? Another hotfix for another macro regression that was missed in the previous tests.
515.1631 (Notes)

Too many fixes had piled up, so I'm getting this out and the next build is likely to be the new stable release.

This build has an updated installer that ought to better detect whether the correct runtime libraries have been installed.
515.1632 (Notes)

Important fixes before the stable release.
515.1633 (Notes)

515 moves into the stable channel!
515.1634 (Notes)

It's 515's first maintenance release! Lots of bug fixes, especially in the map editor, and some new features snuck in.
515.1635 (Notes)

Another maintenance release. Just a couple of small fixes here, with an eye on syncing up code for 516 alphas.
515.1636 (Notes)

More maintenance work, mostly minor fixes. The biggest fix is to a map editor regression where small updates were causing the entire world preview to redraw.
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