Era of The Shinobi

by Seventh
A Ninja Roleplay Game
I'm about to make a new character and I see there's a box asking about age. If I don't know the approximate look of my character, how can I make an age up for him?
this game is terrible i dun get why players even like this crap You need to wait atleast one IC day before moving maps again! dafug is that shiz man seriously 129 player son this game just proves byond has nothing but a liquid shiznit player base with no taste in good games
I 100% agree with you Xavoin, the game is trash. Keep, keeping it real.
Erm, Server just go down for anyone else?

Edit:Scratch that its back up
Here u guys have a unoficial byond hub (on it u can find naruto,dragonball,bleach games, and rips that are not listed on byond hub) :
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It would be nice if u send this link to u friends, put it on u game etc...
Virus total scan: d92ed45c8cfa43b56139c87cb2528989d9e64c39e59c29c52da09f4545e/ analysis/
* Hub made by Doniu
I can't seem to join the server, The pop-up game of EotS just vanishes.
Can you guys please Ip unban me keys:Blasterdark64
Key The True saiyan
Luckily we can still QQ here about the forums and the game suddenly going down.

In case anyone is wanting it dont mean to spam but Sasukehawk is falsly accusing me of selling there source so now I am publicly releasing it Just trying to get it out there feel free to delete this comment with no hard feelings
Huh, strange decline of player base as of late.
Should I really ask why ppl are spamming src here?
this is not the nff i rememberr
Hey, it says everytime "Your birthday must be a valid date" :/ ...
I tried putting:
31 / 1996

And nothing of them worked :/
Why is it down :o
I was wondering the same thing. Maybe they're updating or fixing something. who knows?
Hi guys, NKN here (Era developer.)

Expect the game in the next few days.

Check the forums for more info:
[Bleach] Shinzui is back!!!!
join us in Naruto Next Generation Naruto Next Generation
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