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///Imported image [x] From File Size
obj/Heaven //Tried turf and obj
icon = 'clouds.dmi'
///Icon = Image name
turf/Heaven ////tried turf and obj
icon = 'clouds.png'

Problem description:
In game & in Dream Maker these glitch out lapping itself over and over, duplicates and such. I fixed a few like my Login, A few buildings, Space features... But Theres like 2-4 of them that wont fix with any mixture of settings/codes. I've even tried like layers and density and such.

I know 1-2 of them that I fixed are .png image format, but the login pages are .Gif/.jpg

Is there something that messes this up? Maybe I got lucky with the fixed .png's? Maybe there not to big or something?

Any tip on how to use large icons/images without glitches would be really helpful because some of these buildings and such are 300+ icons, I do not want to code out Haha!
try using the TOPDOWN_MAP map_format.
If you created your game before big icon support was added, there's an issue where large icons that were previously added with the map editors "Add" tool suddenly show the entire icon on each tile. The solution is to just remove the tiles and replace them.

If that's not the issue, can you be more descriptive about what you're seeing?
.Screw, In the World Desc tags or w/e? Like how you define Isometric view?

& Dark, I removed all the old turf from source and Plugged my original turf from unreleased game into it, File/New/Map.. My original source had that problem aswell, But I just changed the turf from image icon to Imported image icon.
Also, The one, It didnt glitch out, Just the icon should be like 277x277, and it comes up at 32x32, Uncolored. Not just 1 space of the image, It shrinks the image into the 32x32, The other problem icons dont. Just the clouds.(Coded the same way/Tried all variations of combinations)
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Staticfire666 wrote:
.Screw, In the World Desc tags or w/e? Like how you define Isometric view?

world/map_format = TOPDOWN_MAP
Aye, I found out it just wasnt showing right on dream maker. Dream Seaker it viewed just fine. The clouds didnt, But I can make up some different ones =/ Try that out.