by Jemai1
An on-screen chat box that is easy to add into your game.
New version is now available for download.
I really can't thank you enough, this is brilliant work :)! Thanks for your hard work!
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With the talk of client-side processing being implemented by Tom, would you consider updating the library at said time?
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That's great news! Will do :)
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I actually put a few things on hold until this and the map instancing Lummox talked about are implemented, hopefully in the 500 update.
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Thanks for the link! It's about time to have client-side processing. This will bring new possibilities on BYOND. I'm looking forward to it!
Works great for short text strings. Doesn't work for anything too long - for some reason it doesn't sort everything properly and clicking the Up arrow will just take you to the top of the log.
It worked in World of Warcraft, I don't see why it wouldn't work in BYOND.
Reup, please.

Error: The download was not found.
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Fixed the download link. :)
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