Bleach Unlimited

by Enigma11
To me personaly this is the best bleach game on byond. thumbs up Enigma.
to be truthful this is the best now
God was Here...
hay can i host this game
Could be a good game, but where has Bleach las Noches gone?
Wheres the game at? o.o Why is it down?
hmmm yea but anyways when is BU bac up can't wait to see updates
hmmmmmmmmm love to see how play
Sup Bitch, Saran is down with Afghanistan!
OMG mikeey!! where the hell have you been ??
why the hell can't i play
Was there a server wipe during the games down time? I cant seem to be able to load my char....
what happened to server?
we now have a real 24/7 server
Umm y is the game down?
i was just onm now it sayin its failing
Why can't I log on?
lolz. they say its bad cause they log on and out... pretty pathetic
Why it keeps going offline?
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