Bleach Unlimited

by Enigma11
what i just got really on and it went off, what is going on?
I have no idea. all I can think of is that enigma/detedagowa is hosting, but he cant host 24/7 anymore. everytime I come on its offline T_T just a thought
Can you try to host 24/7 or get someone who can?
i cant get on
getting a GOOD 24/7 host is tougher than you might think. also if enigma would reduce the frames from the dmg the lag would propably massively be lowered.

about the host. we had a couple of hosts, but they all seemed to lag a lot, or have random downtime , bad contact with enigma , . . . its really harder than you might think
To host something we can just use a crappy computer right? I mean as long as the connection speed is good enough.
hi i wanting to play this gme for the last 10 minets but the link keeps saying failed Example:Connection to byond//:782/246/415/4176 Failed. (this is just example its not right numers)
Is the server really up? It says it's online, but it keeps telling me the connection failed.
Man...what's going on. I can't connect.
We're going to have a new 24/7 host hopefully as of tonight(9/18/11)
Maybe an owner/gm can run through the forum and update the guides etc while the game is down
You should atleast keep it running till we find a 24/7 host :/?
There in the process of updating alot of things Razz, have some patience.
hey when my brother is playing (Bleach unlimited) on his character on his account on his computer i myself cannot load my character (Stark) on my account on my computer y is this?
continuation of coment 59)

when i rapidly click load before the connection dies i will barely get the game to open but there is black screne and message saying please use one account at a time. this is strange. please help me with this problem.
Umm i just bought a shell soo if this game needs a 24/7 lagless shell server just contact me at [email protected] :D
@DeathsAssention This happens because you're both using the same internet connection. The game itself sees this as one person trying to play 2 different characters and blocks the the one not already playing.
yo best bleach game ever if ur reading play this game
Guys, I apologize but somehow TWO of my routers got destroyed. I'll have to get another router. I'll get a new one tonight or sometime tomorrow. Any suggestions?
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