by ACWraith
Explore, combat and collect before time runs out.
My combative scavenger hunt/art game, MeanderGall has been updated.

I suck at taking screenshots.

  • Incarnations of The Pall no longer do graze damage with their projectiles.

    This could make the game slightly more easy, but the real NPC enemy is still time. Collect the goals. Killing incarnations is just a way to increase health.
  • Diagonal movement keys are now read as their own flags. More combinations of directions are recognized. However, I know of no way to recognize instantaneous key chords within BYOND.

    In the last version, someone had a problem where movement wasn't cancelled. Tell me if it's still there and try to give me details if you can. I've never experienced it.
  • The background music for thralls was edited to be ever so slightly less repetitive.

At least one person has reported high CPU usage during play that I can't reproduce. Offhand, I'm guessing it could be related to the high frame rate combined with alpha blending on computers without decent video cards. If it would help, perhaps I could give up the anti-aliased curves on the floor. However, the players, enemies, projectiles and goals would still have some transparency.
The art you used makes it look epic.
Programmer art with half-formed color theory FTW! ;)