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Game designer, basically god.

Dakumonki's Favorite Games

by Cowed | Feb 28 2010
Tags: fantasy, rpg
A role-playing game set in a fantasy medieval world.
An action-platform game based on exploration and evolution.

Dakumonki's Favorite Resources

by Forum_account | May 23 2012
Tags: framework, rpg
A framework for developing action RPGs.
by Gunbuddy13 | Sep 28 2010
Tags: effects
Shows how to draw a continuous connection between two atoms
by Jemai1 | Nov 23 2012
Tags: chat, screen-text
An on-screen chat box that is easy to add into your game.
by ACWraith | Sep 6 2008
Tags: multitile
Create icons larger than 32x32 pixels and use flick().
by Forum_account | Oct 10 2011
Tags: maps
An easy way to create multiple instances of a map. Each instance is put on its own z level.
by Masterdan | Jan 9 2008
Tags: hosting
Run this environment in DreamSeeker, then you can launch any server you want and this will bring it back up if it ...
by Darker Emerald | Sep 26 2011
Tags: interface, maps
This library will generate z-level mini maps and display them in a seperate window.
by Kunark | Oct 23 2005
Ever wanted laser beam effects or lightning bolt effects that could be angled to go anywhere you want? With this ...
by Shadowdarke | Jul 24 2002
Tags: effects
Demo of the Shadowdarke's RoofLib library.
Demonstration on creating a equipment window primarily for rpg based games.
by Lummox JR | Oct 22 2002
Load, save, and reuse temporary maps for unlimited worlds
by Forum_account | Oct 1 2011
Tags: visibility
A library to manage image objects.