Naruto New Generation

by 981014
Naruto New Generation
Naruto New Generation Is Here On Byond!
New Gen


Best Player Vs. Player System ever created!

Unique Clan and Village Jutsus that players can freely use for PVP Combats!

Character Creation:

Features a full character creation, choose the eyes(w/ eye colors), skin tone, and hair (w/ hair colors)you wanted for your character. Freely choose your own Village, and one of it's clans!

A Friendly Community!:

Live your dreams as a ninja in this Naruto themed world. Fight your way to your dreams, become a Kage or a leader of missing ninjas! Social interaction between players, make friends and foes!


Owner/Main Coder: Odko

Main Programmer: Open Position








Hi all Please Invite Players To My game
Nice game! I think this is the only NNG Game which isn't ruined. All the other NNGs have Super Dummies or OP Clans / Villages, and that totally ruins the game.
Thank you and Have fun i will fix the bugs
Need a pixel artist?
you mean iconner?
when will this be coming back up? its pretty much the only thing left for me to play since SoL's down and MMW has abusive gms >_>
It is up
Need Coder And Iconner
plz unban me becuase the owner said it is bug and not our fault also i was not edited

I will unban you Blazejj67
and Hi the game is up
Gotta say i havent played yet but i LOVE the video you made. "before you say oh this game sucks compared to this game. I don't care." my fav part lol good job. i'm sure i will love this game!
aumm no need to be mean about it dude its not that hard for you to juss skip over a comment i mean how else are you supposed to get your game out there so shut it and if you dont wanna PLAY the game gtf out
lol i can host ;)
Wtf is Going on Now?
NEED hoster page me me and my workers are fixxing some bugs next week it will be up

Welcome back NNG *__*
when can we Play it? im too excited..
soo this a RIP..
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