Fooldom Come

by ACWraith
Fooldom Come
A subscription for rewards in multiple games.
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Take advantage of my persistent Gift Me Games Deal with Steam's Autumn Sale! Buy ACWraith at a game off of my Steam wishlist with a BYOND key of your choice in the gift message. That key will earn a lifetime Fooldom Come subscription. In other words, it's an inexpensive way to get a passport to my current and future BYOND games.

Here are some of the items at 75% off:
Inside a Star-Filled Sky $2
Fortix 2 $2.50
Runespell: Overture $2.50
DETOUR $2.50
Cargo – The Quest for Gravity $4.99
LIMBO $2.49 (Daily Deal!)

Here are some that are simply too cheap not to mention:
GundeadliGne $1.99 (Earn 2 FC subs for the collection at $4.99.)
Astro Tripper $2.49
Data Jammers: FastForward $3.40

The sale runs from today until the 27th. Honestly, there are very few games on my list without discounts. I'm just trying to focus on the cheaper ones in case the others become a Daily Deal. You know, because Steam.

Inside a Star-Filled Sky is a great game-- Definitely worth $2, let alone $20
If anyone buys me Orcs must Die or the Gundead Collection thing, I'll give them a virtual hug, cookie, and draw somethjing for them <3
"Use this turkey day to stuff this turkey"

Painted the wrong picture from me coming into this thread. Let's see I think I spare 2 dollars to get you a game.
Thanks for telling me Orcs must die is only 3.74, I torrented the game but I'd like to support the developer now and buy it officially and finally have access to the DLC xD.
Blargh, awesome Steam sales and being broke.
I'm also trading genuine TF2 hats if anyone is interested. Of course, they can be crafted now so you'd probably just turn them into refined metals if you're not a collector.
LIMBO is $2.49 today for those who like trial and error platforming with tortured children.