by Kidpaddle45
A way to share your knowledge with other BYONDers.

Beta V1.2

A tool allowing people to help other BYONDers learn programming.

Do you like my creations? Donate, it motivates me! =D

For those asking why they can't join; The classroom can only be open to up to 6 set students. You will need to message the host in advance to reserve a spot for a certain subject you would like to learn more about.
What ever ur teaching i want to learn cause i don't have much knowledge about coding :(
This could probably be monetized in some way, as in teachers can make profits from teaching regular classes. I'd totally do that, heh.
This sounds like a great idea but the tool doesn't allow much yet. I'd like to add polls,the auto-completion system and built-in compiler from Make My Dream ( http://www.byond.com/developer/Kidpaddle45/MakeMyDream )

If anyone got more suggestions or would like to host regular classes, simply post on the hub to let the others know!
Well since you did that drawing thing with the new v500 features, why not add a Art Class option?
I want to code,but also want to be an iconner because I love to draw IRL.Should I pick one,or both?
In response to Mycrazygranpa
Mycrazygranpa wrote:
I want to code,but also want to be an iconner because I love to draw IRL.Should I pick one,or both?

It is very likely you will need to do both on BYOND. It's very hard to find pixel artists interested in helping you with their project and usually most games die because they lack art or the artist leaves during development.

If you can do both, you'd be very advantaged!
OwO Joined and i got disconnected? WUT i want to learn whyyy
He has to add you to the allowed keys list.
In response to Chwgt
I'd like to learn some more about animate(), If you still have room in the animate() classroom :D
Um, yeah gimme some time to get some food and I will re-open the server.
i like this
Update: Alpha V.0.2
Teachers can now host open classes without the limit of 6 students.
Let's start up another session. I think I almost finished this Make_Particle() verb. :)

Shall I host it?
Sure! Just join the server you hosted and make it so it's not restricted to a number of student.
Problem is I can't join. I think it's not allowing me because I'm not the world.host . Lol.
Oh yeah that's true. It requires the world.host to setup the server for now.

Will need to change this before you can host.
Well, dinner time. I just finished coding. :)
Here is what MechaCloud whipped up for me for the game.

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