BYOND Hosting / Shell Server

by Xirre
A shell server (hosting service) for all of BYOND to use!
Over the past few months, Ss4toby and I have been working on making Shell Server automated. Finally, after procrastinating for a long time, Shell Server now includes the use of BYOND Credits which, when bought, can be used to instantly purchase a server on one of the v1.0 servers, which are currently in Beta testing.

BYOND gets a cut of the sales made on BYOND credits, helping them stay alive. To compensate, the minimum price for a server has been increased to $5.00. Any complaints about pricing can be posted here in the comments. However, without a reason attatched, your post will be removed. Only constructive feedback is allowed.

Server #1 (the server with 20 games on it constantly), will be moved to a new server box for more RAM and more reliability. It will be moved when everything is set up on the new server box so that the downtime will be minmal ( 60 seconds to 5 minutes).

I will personally log on each game mentioning the new IP so users can easily find it. Additionally, they can join through Shell Server since it has a join game feature.

If more new games come in, more servers will be live to house those games for free (or paid by choice), provided they follow the requirements to obtain a free server.
I think it would be nice if you also provide the old prices as well but let people know that it is a slower turn around for the purchase. The only really constructive thing I could think of to argue it. Should still keep the new fast option though.

Also, when will this take place, date and time? I would just like to back up the player files for my game just in case.

- It will take place a while after I am ready. When I will be ready? No clue. However I will be posting updates here. No worries, the save files will be on the current server until the 29th. There is time.
Hahaha so I take it you already had that set up.

And that is good to hear.
Already had what set up?
The 2 different methods, automated and manual :P
It will probably occur tomorrow. Setting up this new server was very easy, thanks to the setup script I created. All I had to do was setup apache.
Transfer will start soon.
Files are transferring slowly. But still going.